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Updated: We now have a total of 8 stock wallpapers and 4 live wallpapers from the Samsung Galaxy Fold. You can use them on any Android device of your choice. Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 series phones on the 20th of Feb, 2019. The Samsung unpacked event went live successfully and the phones are already available for pre-order. Although the Galaxy S10 series devices were the much anticipated smartphones of the year, one of the most intriguing phone that the manufacturer unveiled was the  new Samsung Galaxy Fold device.

It is a truly innovative smartphone that has a foldable display and that can transform between a phone and a full sized tablet. Here we have the leaked Galaxy Fold commercial from Samsung that is supposed to go live right before the smartphone goes on sale in April 2019. Meanwhile, you can also download the official Galaxy Fold wallpapers right away.

We have listed the official wallpapers from the Samsung Galaxy Fold device below. There is only one wallpaper image at the moment because the devices isn’t available for sale just yet. We will update the complete collection of Samsung Fold wallpapers once we get hold of more such wallpapers. So stay tuned.

If you missed the unpacked even, then watch the complete live stream video of Samsung unpacked event from our Galaxy S10 wallpapers post.

Download Galaxy Fold official wallpapers Total

Following we have listed a total of 8 Galaxy Fold wallpapers all in some colorful butterfly shades of Blue, Green, Yellow, and more. The official wallpapers from Galaxy Fold are here for downloads in full resolution.

download Stock Wallpapers from the Galaxy Fold-min

The following image is just for reference. The actual download link in high definition is listed below.


Download the official wallpapers here:

The link is from Google Photos. Select the image you wish to download, click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right and select download/save option. It will download the images in full resolution.

Download Live Wallpapers from Galaxy Fold

Here are the most anticipated Live wallpapers from the Galaxy Fold you have been waiting for. These are simple videos that you can download to your Android device and apply as a live wallpaper from homescreen settings.

Download the Live wallpapers here:

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