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Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones come with some stunning software upgrades this year. All Google talked about their latest flagship phones is the best in class Pixel 3 (XL) camera app and the exclusive features it packs. The Pixel 3 camera is now available for download but not all features will work because most of them are Pixel 3 exclusive. Google camera 6.1 features like new UX, RAW support, new panorama UI, portrait mode, AR stickers will work on all phones. However, other features are Pixel exclusive including:

  • Top Shot,
  • Night Sight,
  • Playground,
  • Photobooth Mode,
  • Motion Auto Focus,
  • Super Res Zoom,
  • Lens Suggestions,
  • H265 video recording,
  • Live Lens,
  • and more

These features are mostly software updates and do not require any major hardware configuration. As the Pixel 2 and 2 XL already come with Pixel Visual Core, these Pixel 3 exclusive features can easily be ported to the two phones. Not only that but the following tutorial may also work on other Android phones with similar configuration.

Now, this tweak only works on rooted Android devices because it it requires you to edit the build.prop files which is located at the core of the Android system. So in order to access and edit this file you will need a root file manager. Here, we are basically changing our Android device to Pixel 3.

Editing the build.prop is the oldest trick in the book. We used to get many Google exclusive features from the Nexus phones on our Android devices just by editing the build prop file. This also work on other Android phones but has only been tested on Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL devices. We strongly recommend backing up the original build.prop file before making any changes. Once done, Google apps and services will treat your device as the latest Pixel 3 and will enable the latest features on your Android phone.

Moreover, who knows you may also get some Pixel exclusive features on your Android phone including that of the Pixel 3 Launcher. So lets begin.

How to get Google Pixel 3 exclusive features on your Android device?

Editing the build.prop file will enable hidden Google Camera 6.1 features from the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The file can be found in the /system directory.

  • Make sure your Android phone is rooted with Magisk or SuperSU or other.
  • Download and install the latest Google Camera 6.1 APK from Pixel 3 or use the modded Pixel 3 camera port.
  • Launch a root browser or root file manager like Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer. Locate build.prop file in /system (not vendor folder one) and edit.
  • You may also skip the explorer method and use a BuildProp editor app from the Play Store. Here is a good app.
  • Launch the build.prop editor and add following tweaks.

Code for Pixel 3 XL: (to make your phone into Pixel 3 XL)

ro . product . model=Pixel 3 XL
ro . product . name=crosshatch
ro . product . device=crosshatch

Code for Pixel 3 XL: (to make your phone into Pixel 3)

ro . product . model=Pixel 3
ro . product . name=blueline
ro . product . device=blueline

Edit buildprop file to get Pixel 3 camera features

  • Reboot device once and now your phone model will be Pixel 3 (XL).
  • Launch the Google Pixel camera app and get all all the new settings.

Google Pixel 3 camera features Screenshot2 Google Pixel 3 camera features Screenshot

Thanks to showlyshah for the info and images.

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