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Adhell gained a lot of popularity among the Samsung community since it was first launched back in 2016. Adhell is a Samsung Knox based application which can Block system wide Ads, trackers, analytics from applications without root. It has more functionalities than just Ad-Blocker including Package Disabler, Mobile Restricter, App Permissions controller, and much more. Adhell 3 makes use of Samsung Knox SDK, so you can use it natively with your Samsung stock firmware; TouchWiz or Samsung Experience 9.0. Moreover, it doesn’t need root access. With the help of developers, Adhell 3 is now available for download.

Since Adhell (first) was abandoned by the original developer, the source code remains available publicly. Hence, developers released Adhell 2 and SABS (Simple Ad Blocker for Samsung), which were similar to Adhell but with more features for free. Later, Samsung also put a stop to SABS project. Now, although Adhell, or SABS may be abandoned, Adhell 3 still lives. The source code was just updated 1 day ago.

Adhell 3 can also serve as a URL or websites blocker, blacklist or whitelist apps for Ad-blocking, etc set Adhell 3 works with the latest Oreo stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Galaxy S9/S9+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, and more. It has also been tested on several other Samsung devices with Android version 5.0 or higher.

Screenshot 20180329 203433 AdHell 3 Screenshot 20180329 203510 AdHell 3

In order to install Adhell 3, you will need to download the full source code, extract it, open the project in Android Studio, and compile it to install an Adhell 3 APK onto your Samsung Galaxy device. There is no direct APK available right now.

Installing Adhell 3 could be time consuming for some. It requires some technical knowledge. You need 3 things before installation –

  • The complete Adhell 3 source code (listed below).
  • A Samsung Knox Enterprise license key (Knox key).
  • You will also need to set an applicationID or change package name if already set.

Step 1: How to get the Samsung Enterprise Knox key license key?

  • Sign in here with your Samsung account.
  • Go here to view your keys or generate new ones.
  • Click on Generate License Key. (Left corner)
  • Go to “Samsung  EDU SDK” section. (Steps 3-7 are demonstrated in the picture here).
  • Select “Enterprise license key”.
  • Give the key a name in “Add a key alias”.
  • Press “Generate license key”.
  • Copy the key. If the key starts with letters “KLM”, you didn’t follow the steps correctly. Complete the steps 3-7 again.

Step 2: Download Adhell 3

Update: Download and Install latest Adhell 3.1.1+ with new Standard Knox License Key

Note 1: If the Adhell doesn’t block Ads on chrome after installation, this is due to the recent DNS changes brought to Chrome for Android. Visit this tutorial.

Downloads 1: For users, who are seeing Force close on using the original Adhell master zip, can use this one here as well.

Downloads 2: GitHub is obsolete now. Latest Adhell 3.1 is now available on GitLab page and can be downloaded and installed from below. As Adhell 3 has been moved to GitLab, you will need to register to the website and visit the following website to download the latest sources.

Adhell 3.1 uses Knox Standard SDK, if it gets complicated, download the above working zip of Adhell 3 and install using the following method.

Other tools:

Adhell 3 alternative: Download SABS or notSABS:

If the Adhell procedure gets too complicated, you may also be interested in SABS (Simple Ad-Blocker for Samsung) or notSABS, which can still be installed without any issue. Moreover, it also has a ready to install APK available in the post.

Step 3: How to Install Adhell 3.0 or Adhell 3.1?

Note: Samsung Legacy SDK has been removed by the manufacturer. Installing Adhell 3.1 using the Knox standard SDK will be updated here later. You can visit GitLab for installation.

The Adhell 3.0 installation process has been updated too. Adhell 3.0.0 works perfectly fine.

You will need to download the source code, and open the project in Android Studio, change the package name, and install it. The steps are listed below.

  • On your Samsung device, Enable USB Debugging on your phone – Go to Settings > About phone > Software information > Press rapidly about 10 times on Build Number until a message “You are now a developer!” appears. > Go back to Settings > Developer Options > Turn on USB Debugging.
  • Connect your phone to your PC. When you see a popup on phone, select always allow from this computer to enable USB Debugging.
  • Download the Adhell master zip from above download section to PC or computer.
  • Now extract the Adhell source zip to PC.
  • Also, extract the Knox Standard SDK.
  • Copy the libscontent and put it to app\libs folder in the extracted Adhell 3 source project. If the folder already has lib files, skip this step.
  • Download and install the latest version of Android Studio from here.
  • Once installed, run the Android Studio EXE file.
  • Once it opens, select “Open an existing Android Studio project”.
  • Choose the extracted folder of source code.
  • Install the latest SDK and other files when asked. Follow the instructions on the screen. It may take time.
  • When the project has been loaded completely,  the progress bar will be gone at the bottom.
  • Form the left tab on screen, open the “Gradle Scripts” and then “Build.Gradle (Module:app)”.
  • Find the line “applicationId“com.”. Usually it is on the 15th line.

how to install Adhell 3 using Android Studio Android_Adhell3-master

  • Change the applicationId to a package name such as “com.adhe123.ahd1” to a random or unique sequence of letters and digits. Keep the sequence length same as before (i.e, 3.7.4).
  • An alert should appear at the top of the screen. Select “Sync Now”.
  • Wait for the project to load.
  • In Android Studio click the Play button or simply press the keys Shift+F10.
  • Select your phone and press OK.
  • The Adhell APK will be generated and installed on your phone.

Step 4: How to setup Samsung Knox key into Adhell 3?

  • Launch the adhell3 app from your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • From the app, Enable Admin.
  • Enter the Samsung Knox license key in the field.
  • Submit Knox key.
  • Activate License.
  • Turn on Adhell.


Screenshot 20180329 203447 AdHell 3 Screenshot 20180329 203457 AdHell 3 Screenshot 20180329 203504 AdHell 3

Follow the instructions in the step 2 to run Adhell 3.

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9 responses

  1. disqus_Kz1AUmJrXm Avatar

    after clicking build.gradle, I keep getting this error Error:The module ‘app’ is an Android project without build variants, and cannot be built.
    Please fix the module’s configuration in the build.gradle file and sync the project again.

  2. thesecondsight Avatar

    Samsung has purposely made it difficult to disable bloatware. First, there’s no reason why we should have to use a temporary license key which expires every three months. Secondly, there’s no reason why we should have to follow a difficult process, as shown above, to simply activate Adhell. Lastly, Samsung shouldn’t dictate what I can and can’t do on my phone. I should have the freedom and right to disable any app without any restrictions. If you’re listening Samsung, you people are MAJOR JERKS!

    1. swissness Avatar

      Well, at least it’s possible on Samsung phones thanks to KNOX. Name any other mobile phone where you can apply the Adhell-method to get non-rooted ad-blocking? And no, VPN doesn’t do it. You can’t add exceptions.

    2. UniBlar Avatar

      Yeah, you need to learn to read. 1. It’s temporary because it’s a developers license. Did you not read that? 2. It’s difficult process because we’re operating outside of the terms Samsung set for Knox. 3. You can. Learn to use adb commands. You can disable anything you want.

      1. thesecondsight Avatar

        Stop trolling a 1 month old comment. You need to read not me. I mentioned the “temporary” developers license in my first comment. You’ve been flagged, reported to Disquis and blocked. Bye-bye troll.

        1. UniBlar Avatar

          …. that’s /why/ I mentioned it. You don’t seem to understand why we need to use a developer’s license. You have to use it because you and everyone aren’t going to be willing to pay for an actual Knox license, which is meant for B2B use anyway. Even using the developer’s license for what we’re using it for is in violation of their terms…………

          You and everyone else seem to forget AdHell was available on the Play Store and was only taken down because the developer (Samsung employee) was abusing his Knox license. It had nothing to do with the features it had. It’s in fact still on the Play Store, just restricted to enterprise customers, which is the original intent of Knox.

          Congratulations on wasting Disqus’ time.

  3. m10 Avatar

    Adhell 3 doesnt block ads anymore on the s8+ oreo, Samsung contacted DMCA to shut down these adblocking apps

    1. UniBlar Avatar

      Not true.

  4. Hyunki Yu Avatar
    Hyunki Yu

    Thank you! It worked like a magic.
    But your app screen is different with mine.

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