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Install Magisk 14.6 with huge Super User improvements and Android rooting stability

Magisk is the latest rooting tools for Android devices right now and has become a huge success for advanced Android smartphone users. With Magisk you can hide root from Android apps, bypass Google’s Safety Net and use various Magisk modules. Magisk modules lets you install additional functionalities onto your device such as the Xposed installer, Google Assistant Enabler, Adaway, etc.  So flash the latest Magisk 14.6 and Magisk Manager 5.5.0 to gain root access and start using several modules.

According to the update log by the developer, the latest Magisk v14.6 has been completely restructured making the whole update process simpler. Instead of several projects, the Magisk is now a single Android Studio project. Apart from the restructuring of the project, the new update also brings several stability improvements. This means it will work better on latest Android 4.3+ upto 8.1 Oreo firmware update.

You will also notice massive MagiskSU and MagiskHide improvements. Several users reported about the magisk hide not working with the latest Android versions. The problem has been solved with the latest version.

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This new Magisk v14.6 can be upgraded from the app itself. So if you are coming from the previous Magisk 14.5 and have hide it, then you will have to upgrade both the Magisk Manager and flash Magisk SU zip as well. It is better to uninstall the previous version and install a new one. You can do this by flashing the Magisk uninstaller and then flashing the Magisk’s latest version.

Download Magisk 14.6 and Magisk Manager 5.5.0

The uninstaller can be found in the previous Magisk 14.5 post. The manager and MagiskSU are all included in the zip listed above. In order to install Magisk, simply flash the zip via TWRP. Reboot device once and start granting root access via Magisk Manager app.


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