How to delete sent WhatsApp messages for everyone?

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delete WhatsApp message from server for all recipients

Update: WhasApp’s “Delete for Everyone” feature has been tested working for all users with new WhatsApp Beta v2.17.401 update. WhatsApp has become the most widely used chatting application lately. Beings installed over 1 Billions of times simply on the Google Play store, people literally cannot do without it. Well, sometimes we send messages to someone we should not have. Well, everyone makes mistakes. However, with the latest WhatsApp update, you can undo the changes. You will be able to delete your already sent messages.

Earlier WhatsApp did not have that feature of deleting the text sent to the unintended person. Well, with the latest version of WhatsApp Beta v2.17.401+ you can delete the message from server for all recipients. This feature is now available across all platforms like Android, Apple iOS, and Windows phone. Yes..!! don’t get surprised, for this is true. You can choose to unsend or delete a specific messages you have sent either in a group or to an individual.

The only downside to this feature is you will have 7 minutes of grace under which you can delete a message for all recipients. After that 7 minutes, you can’t delete the sent message. Also, recently WhatsApp enabled the share your live location feature for its users.

Note: The first thing you will need is to enroll for the Whatsapp Beta. After you enroll fo the Beta program, you will receive an update to WhatsApp v2.17.401+. We have listed the WhatsApp Beta link below.

Moreover, the WhatsApp feature “Delete for Everyone” is a server side update just like the Google Assistant. So not every region and not every WhatsApp users will be able to use this feature. It will roll out eventually. Enroll for Beta tester and wait for it.

How To unsend a WhatsApp Message for all recipients?

It is very simple to delete the sent message to the wrong contact on the list. Here are the steps.

Steps To Delete WhatsApp Messages From Server for All Recipients

Step-1 Open WhatsApp  

Step-2 Go to the chat that has the message you wish to delete.

Step-3 Tap and hold the message. Optionally, you can tap other messages to delete multiple messages at once.

Step-4 Tap Delete  at the top of the screen > Delete for everyone

After deleting successfully for everyone a pop-up “This message was deleted” will appear in your recipients’ chats.

watsapp 7 min
Within 7 Minutes of sending, You Can Delete delete A Message on WhatsApp Sent To Unintended Recipient. The Following Options Will Be Available
watsapp after 7 min
After 7 minutes Has Passed You Can No Longer Delete The Message For Everyone Although You Can Delete The Message For Yourself.


  • You and your recipient must use the latest version of WhatsApp for this feature to work correctly.
  • Your recipients might see the message before you delete it.
  • You will have 7 minutes to delete the message after you have sent it.

How To delete WhatsApp Message From Server for Yourself?

We saw how to delete WhatsApp message from server for all recipients. Now we will see how we can delete a WhatsApp message

Steps to Delete

Step-1 Open WhatsApp  

Step-2 Go to the chat containing the message you wish to delete.

Step-3 Tap and hold the message.

Step-4 Tap Delete  at the top of the screen > Delete for me


Your recipients will still see the message as you only deleted the message for yourself.

Enroll for WhatsApp Beta tester

Since this magic is only available in the latest version of WhatsApp, you have to enroll for the Beta version.

WhatsApp v2.17.401+ | Enroll As Beta Tester

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Therefore, delete the WhatsApp sent message feature was one of the most awaited features of WhatsApp which is now available to everyone. So, enroll for the Beta version of WhatsApp v2.17.399 and enjoy this new feature. Also, watch out for whom you text :P.

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