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There is barely anyone these days who doesn’t use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging service that took the smartphone world by storm. It has now become the part of the life of almost every smartphone user. Its features got enhanced over the years. Many new features are still being added. One new feature recently got added on WhatsApp. That feature is now you can share live location in WhatsApp. Sounds interesting..?! Well..It is.

With this new feature, you can literally live steam your present location to your WhatsApp contacts. it initially started as a beta test.  now the share live location feature is available as a stable version for Android and iOS. So, let’s see how we can share live location in WhatsApp.

[Tutorial] How To Share Live Location In WhatsApp?

Now you too can share live location in WhatsApp with your friends. We will tell you the steps to enable the share live location in WhatsApp feature.

Step-1 Update WhatsApp and launch the latest version.

Step-2 Open the chat window of the person you wish to stream your location.

Step-3 Then tap on the attach option on the text input bar.

Step-4 Now tap on Location icon > Press the ‘Share live location’ bar > tap continue.

Step-5 Choose the time duration you want to share your location with your chat contact.

Step-6  Finally, tap on the green arrow to begin the location sharing process.

The entire steps of Streaming and Sharing Live Location of an User.

Next, we will see how we can disable this feature of sharing live location in WhatsApp.

How To Disable Share The live Location In WhatsApp Feature

Yes..!! If you are wondering whether we can stop this feature, yes we can. Since this is a user-initiated feature, obviously we can disable it as and when we wish..! Since we already defined a time period the live streaming of location will be turned off past that time duration.

But we can manually do it too.

It is very simple to do so.

  • Open the chat window > Tap on Stop sharing > Tap to confirm Stop
watsapp stop live share
How To Disable The Live Location-Sharing Feature in WhatsApp

Therefore, if you were unaware of this feature till now, then do try this out with your friends and have fun. Do share your experience with us. Also, stay connected to AndroidSage for all latest updates on everything Android.

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