Samsung Galaxy Note 8 atest October 2017 security patch update

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 becomes the third device to receive the latest October 2017 security patch. It also becomes the first device to receive Android 7.1.1 Nougat based on the latest Samsung Experience 8.5. It received the Blueborne vulnerability fix in September but still runs on August security patch. Today, the Chinese variants of Note 8 with model numbers SM-N9508 and SM-N9500 received the October security update. This means, the international and unlocked USA variants like SM-N950F & SM-N950U shall receive the same anytime soon.

According to the S8’s latest update, the October security patch brings stability to DeX mode. The DeX mode allows Samsung users to get a desktop-like experience on their phones and tablets. It also upgrades the Note 8 Launcher version to a newer one for more stability. Other updates are general device stability and bug fixes.

For the China and Hong Kong variants of Note 8 with model numbers SM-N9508 and SM-N9500, the firmware build numbers are N9500ZCU1AQJ1 and N9508ZMU1AQJ1. Currently, there are 3 firmware available for Note 8 global variants, viz, N950FXXU1AQIA, N950FXXU1AQI1, and N950FXXU1AQI8.

So we predict the October 2017 security patch for Note 8 SM-N950F could come with build number N950FXXU1AQI9, as it came for the S8/S8+.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) firmware build G950FXXU1AQI9

Firmware information:

Samsung Model SM-N9508/SM-N9508
Device name  Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Region of update
China and Hong Kong
Software Version Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Changelist 12111809
Build date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 11:51:10 +0000
Security Patch Level 2017-10-01
Product or CSC code CHM, etc.
PDA N9508ZMU1AQJ1 or N9508ZMU1AQJ1

How to download and install October 2017 security patch onto Note 8?

You can download the full stock firmware for Samsung devices using the SamFirm tool. It will let you download firmware updates directly from Samsung servers. This includes without restriction.

You can either wait for OTA update : See how to capture OTA update?

See how to from below:

1. Download and extract SamFirm tool to PC.

2. Find out the model number for your device under Settings > About Phone > Software information.

3. Find out the CSC code or Product code for your specific region.

4. Run the SamFirm tool and input the model number and CSC code.

How to download latest stock firmware update for Note 8

5. Download the latest stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

6. Now, head over to this tutorial for installation: How to restore Note 8?

Read: How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Enjoy the latest update on your device.

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