Latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20

While the upcoming flagship LG V30 is taking over all the hype, its predecessor is getting some late yet important updates. Yes, we are talking about the LG V20. The latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20 with August 2017 is now rolling out. Though the update is a bit late, but it brings August 2017 security patch level for the device with firmware build number H91010P. Unfortunately, this update does not bring the critical BlueBorne patch which Android devices desperately need.

Now with most of the devices already fixed Blueborne and are running on latest patches, this brings forth the question, is AT&T LG V20 safe against Blueborne..? Also, the most noteworthy fact is other US tele-carriers have been seeding the latest security updates for LG V20 for a while now. But then again this update also brings enhancement for Wi-Fi Calling and HDvoice. So, it can be deemed as an important update.

This update brings the firmware build number NRD90M.H91010P to US variant AT&T of LG V20. The OTA weighs in a bit more than 1GB, whereas the full firmware file weight over 2GB in size. It is rolling out in waves and gradually will be available across the globe. So if you are planning to catch the OTA hook to a strong Wi-Fi network to get the large update fast and free.

Latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20
AT&T Rolls out the Firmware update for LG V20. It brings August security update and other enhancements.

Changelog: Latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20:

The latest firmware release for AT&T LGV20 brings forth important updates for the device. Though released in October 1st week, the software build brings an older August 2017 security patch. There is no Particular mention if this update includes a fix for the infamous Blueborne threat.  Now, this does raise a question. Anyway, upgrades the current firmware brings are,

  • Wi-Fi calling improvements
  • HD Voice enhancements
  • Device security enhancements

Download OTA Update: Latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20:

Although OTA update is automatically captured by your device, You can manually perform the update too.

Just follow the steps below.

  • Go to device Settings > About Phone
  • Tap Software Update > Update now
  • Download and then install the update as commanded from the screen.

The device will restart after the update is installed.

Manually Install Latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20:

You can also manually download the KDZ firmware file, and install it manually if you are not fond of waiting for the OTA.

Step 1: Download the H915 v10e KDZ: H91510e_00_VTR_CA_OP_1205.kdz

Step 2: This is the previous update with full stock firmware file.

Step 3: Make sure you are on this update to receive H91010P OTA updates.

Step 4: You have to use LGUP Flash Tool for the same purpose. Below is the link we are providing the steps for the same.

Step 5: How to Manually flash Latest Firmware From AT&T for LG V20 Using LGUP FlashTool

Step 6: Later go to Settings > System updates to get the latest AT&T LG V20 OTA Download.

Thus, since the latest AT&T firmware update for LG V20 brings some much-needed updates for Wi-Fi Calling and other enhancements, it is an update to look for. The security patch of August doesn’t seem too promising, but nevertheless, it’s better than no security. So, catch the update and install it on your device. Keep following us for all news and updates on LG V20.

Also, stay tuned for the all the latest updates on the upcoming flagship LG V30.


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