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[Download] TWRP Recovery For LG Stylo 3 Plus Now Available

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LG Stylo 3

LG’s lesser known Stylo 3 Plus was released a few months ago in a hush as a successor to the widely revered LG Stylo 2 Plus. With LG opting for a policy of ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’, the Stylo 3 Plus is more of an iterative update with the South Korean giant opting to build on the design of its predecessor.

Unfortunately, the device never caught on, partly due to the unavailability of a dedicated developer community backing the device.

But it seems that tides are about to turn in the favor of LG’s mid-ranger device. An XDA member recently made available TWRP Recovery for three variants of LG Stylus 3 Plus, namely, the TP450, MP450, and LGM470 variants.

The recovery, which has been given the moniker TWRP V3 by the developer, can easily be flashed on your device provided that you have an Unlocked Bootloader. The only caveat being the issues provided by dm-verity check which will prevent you from booting into your device once you swipe enable system modifications on the first instance of TWRP Recovery.

To circumvent this issue, you can either flash SuperSU or dm verity and encryption disabler, both of which are provided in the section down below.

Download TWRP Recovery For LG Stylo 3 Plus

Source: XDA

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