Download and install Miui 9 theme for samsung phones

MIUI 9 is one of the most hyped ROM releases of 2017. Even post its launch it is the most talked about firmware among the Android community for its features and upgrades. And also now all the slated devices are gradually getting the MIUI 9 update. And keeping pace with that MIUI 9 stock wallpapers and themes are also being rolled out. This one is for those users who have a knack for themes and wallpapers etc. And with that said, now MIUI 9 Theme for Samsung devices are also available for download.

So, those Androidiacs (a cool term for android users..isn’t it.? :P) using Samsung devices want a bite of MIUI 9 are at the right place. We will guide you on how to download the MIUI 9 Theme for Samsung devices and install it easily.

Screenshots of the MIUI 9 Theme For Samsung Devices in Action

You will basically find 3 new changes with these MIUI 9 themes:

MIUI 9 miui 9 wallpapers –

How To Download MIUI 9 Theme For Samsung Devices 
MIUI 9 Theme on Samsung device’s Lock Screen

MIUI 9 icons –

How To Download MIUI 9 Theme For Samsung Devices 
MIUI 9 Icons

 MIUI 9 themed apps –

MIUI 9 styled folder
MIUI 9 styled folder
MIUI 9 theme for samsung devices
Samsung device settings styled like MIUI 9
MIUI 9 theme
Dialer/Keypad of Samsung device styled according to MIUI 9 Theme

Therefore, you now know how simple it is to get MIUI 9 theme for Samsung devices. So, if you are a Samsung user do try the MIUI 9 Theme and let us know.

Download MIUI 9 Theme For Samsung Galaxy Devices

Simply follow this link and download the APK.

Download MIUI 9 Theme For All Samsung Devices

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How To Install MIUI 9 Theme onto Samsung phones?

The process of installation is very simple. Since this is an APK file, just tap on the file to install.

And you will be ready to go in no time.

  • Simply install the APK file on your Samsung.
  • Go to Settings app.
  • On the top right corner you will find a search bar.
  • Enter themes and go to the very first option.
  • Select the new theme and apply.

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