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Flashing is a tricky process and even the most experienced developers are no stranger to bootloops, device bricks and the occasional panic and heartbreak that accompany them.

While most devices can be brought back from dead with varying levels of difficulty, an official unbrick tool can generally solve all your problems without worrying about the authenticity of the software

The OnePlus 5 Unbrick Tool was posted on online a few days ago on Chinese OnePlus Forum which they received via a OnePlus staff member. The tool is in many ways similar to the one provided for OnePlus 3/3T with the only difference being that it downloads, installs, and flashes HydrogenOS firmware exclusively.

Needless to say, the unbrick tool wipes your device and installs a stock HydrogenOS based ROM on it. Since most of OnePlus 5 users prefer the OxygenOS firmware, refer to the guide here to safely flash OOS over H2OS.

Download Official Unbrick Tool For OnePlus 5

How To Unbrick OnePlus 5 Using Unbrick Tool

OnePlus 5 Unbrick Tool


  • Unbrick Tool For OnePlus 5
  • ADB Drivers | Download

Installation and Unbrick Procedure

  1.  Extract Drivers and Recovery Tool files on Desktop.
  2. Shut Down your device (If the device is bricked, ensure that it has sufficient charge)
  3. Hold the Volume Up button and connect device to PC
  4. Open Device Manager on PC and find QHUSB_BULK under Unknown Devices
  5. Hit right click on the device and update device software. Refer to locally installed drivers if automatic installation fails
  6. Your device should now be mentioned as Qualcomm 9008
  7.  Open the Unbrick tool with elevated privileges (as an Administrator) and hit Start on top left corner
    OnePlus 5 Unbrick Tool 1
  8. Wait until you see a green text flashing. This ensures that the device has successfully been restored
  9. Disconnect OnePlus 5 and reboot your unbricked device
  10.  (Optional) Flash OOS 4.5.6 over the H2OS from our official guide

Your OnePlus 5 should now be fully functioning and running stock software. Although the explanation should be simple enough to follow, there’s always a chance of something going wrong.

Feel free to voice your opinions and queries in the comment section for further troubleshooting and guidance.

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    My OP5 isn’t recognized in Unbrick Tool and when I try to update driver, Windows said that “The best driver software for your device is already installed”…

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