Download hydrogen OS H2OS Open Beta 17 for OnePlus 3

Today, the OnePlus software development team released yet another OTA update to its stunning smartphones. This takes Hydrogen OS, short for H2OS, to a new build – Open Beta 11 for OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 17 for OnePlus 3T. The new update brings tons of optimizations to the firmware. This includes optimization to power-saving mode, desktop weather widgets display, mailbox status bar icons display. It also improves the traffic statistics in the status bar, and many more such optimizations.

As the H2OS update comes to Chinese variants of OnePlus 3(T), this only means one thing. The next Oxygen OS Open Beta 20 for OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 11 for Oneplus 3T is on its way. We shall see it rolling out as soon as tomorrow – July 18, 2017. Users are eagerly waiting for the next Oxygen OS 4.1.7 with a fix to the touch screen latency that came with the stable HydrogenOS Third edition release. The H2OS stable update brought Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware with touch latency fix.

The touch latency patch is already included in the Beta updates like the previous Open Beta 19/10.  since long. Hence, you might as well settle for this upgrade.

Update log for Hydrogen OS H2OS Open Beta 11/17

The following change log has been translated into English from Chinese texts. Hence, it may not be exactly transcribed.

Optimizations to: 

  • Power-saving mode
  • The status bar will not turn orange,
  • Saving notification alerts,
  • calculation method of optimizing traffic statistics,
  • Functioning to long screenshots,
  • The desktop weather widgets display,
  • The mailbox status bar icons display.

Bug Fixes:

  • problem-solving part of the third-party applications flash back
    to solve the problem of accidentally deleted files when a Bluetooth receiver rubbish
    repair also shows the power consumption when the connection does not support
  • Bluetooth devices question icon of problem-solving applications occasionally can not obtain weather data

Download hydrogen OS H2OS Open Beta 17 for OnePlus 3

How to install latest H2OS Open Beta update onto OnePlus 3/3T?

Even though H2OS is an alternative ROM for the OnePlus 3 and 3T devices, it can work easily on global or international variants. All you need to do is download the atest full firmware package from below and flash it via stock recovery by doing a Local Upgrade option.

See: How to easily switch between H2OS and Oxygen OS?

Download Hydrogen OS H2OS Open Beta 11 and 17

H2OS Open Beta 11 for OnePlus 3 | Download | Mirror

H2OS Open Beta 17 for OnePlus 3T | Download | Mirror

HydrogenOS Installation instructions

In order to install HydrogenOS onto Oneplus devices, you will need the ful lfirmware zip from above.

  • Download the full ROM zip from above.
  • Transfer it to your device storage.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to System Updates option.
  • tap on the settings icon on top right corner.
  • Choose local upgrade option.
  • Tap on the Oxygen OS zip file.
  • Allow the installation.

That’s it. Reboot to system and enjoy the new and improved Hydrogen OS upgrade.

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