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A New LG Home 4.0 Arrives for the LG G5 [APK Download]

If you took a look at the newest user interface from LG G5, then you may know that the manufacturer for some reason removed the app drawer from its stock launcher on the G5. This led to a huge criticism towards the new LG UX 5.0 from Android enthusiasts all across the globe. However, LG today released the LG Home 4.0 which is basically an alternative option to the default user interface or launcher that comes officially from the manufacturer. You can get the LG Home 4.0 from LG’s very own app repository, the SmartWorld. You can either search for “Home 4.0” in the SmartWorld application or get to this link or grab the APK file from APKMirror. After installing, you’ll have a new launcher available in Settings>Home>Themes named Home 4.0.

LG also showed off a different version of the home screen in its recent UX 5.0 video. That one had an optional app drawer, and now that version (named Home 4.0) is available for download. The new Home 4.0 looks a lot similar to the stock launcher on the LG G4 or the LG G3 running stock Marshmallow firmware. However, its an alternative to the previous one and brings the app drawer back.

Here’s what LG quotes:

LG Home (UX 4.0) provides a separate layout for the Home screen and apps list. You can customize your Home screen by adding apps and widgets.

– To add an application icon to the Home screen from the Apps screen.
– Change the style of an app icon.
– Select 7 kinds of screen swipe effect.
– Change the order of the Home screens or set the default Home screen, Pinch in on the Home screen.
※ LG Home 4.0 is only available for LG mobile phones. Also, the LG UX 4.0 Home screen cannot be backed up or restored.

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