Samsung One UI 6 Watch OS for Galaxy Watch 4 5 and 6 with Galaxy AI Features

Samsung just unveiled the most anticipated One UI 6 Watch software update for the Galaxy Watches. As expected, the next-gen firmware update will be full of Galaxy AI features. Samsung will start the One UI 6 Watch beta program in June 2024. Read all about the new Galaxy AI features for your Samsung smartwatches.

Samsung is about to reveal the Watch 7 and Watch 7 Classic in the coming months, but before that, Samsung needs to test out the latest software update called One UI 6 Watch, possibly based on Android 14.

One UI 6 Watch OS Features: Galaxy AI Integration in the New Galaxy Watch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and wearable devices has opened up new avenues for personalized health and wellness experiences. Samsung, a front-runner in Android based devices, the company is now introducing Galaxy AI to its Galaxy Watch lineup.

Energy Score: A Daily Health Snapshot

With the introduction of the Energy Score, users can receive a better understanding of their daily condition through a combined analysis of personal health metrics, including:

  • Sleep time average
  • Sleep time consistency
  • Bed/wake time consistency
  • Sleep timing
  • Previous day activity
  • Sleeping heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
One UI 6 Watch Galaxy-AI Energy Score Motivational-Health
One UI 6 Watch Galaxy-AI Energy Score Motivational-Health

This comprehensive analysis helps users take on their day with a clear understanding of their health.

Wellness Tips: Personalized Health Guidance

Wellness Tips offer insights, motivational tips, and guidance based on the specific health goals you’re looking to achieve. Whether it’s improving sleep, increasing activity levels, or managing stress, Wellness Tips provide tailored advice to help you reach your personal health goals.

Enhanced Sleep AI Algorithm

Enhanced health algorithms and advanced tracking tools will provide more holistic, personalized, and actionable insights when combined with AI.

Samsung is enhancing its sleep AI algorithm to provide additional in-depth sleep insights. Newly added sleep indicators for Sleep Insights offer a more detailed and accurate analysis of your sleep quality, including:

  • Movement during sleep
  • Sleep latency
  • Heart rate during sleep
  • Respiratory rate during sleep
One UI 6 Watch Galaxy-AI Wellness Tips Motivational-Health
One UI 6 Watch Galaxy-AI Wellness Tips Motivational-Health

These metrics are in addition to previously supported metrics like snoring hours, blood oxygen level, and sleep cycle, helping users better understand their sleep patterns and build better habits.

All-New Fitness Features

Samsung’s new fitness features offer intelligent and effortless physical capacity measurements for more tailored training, which are traditionally provided by highly advanced equipment.

Personalized Health Rate Zone

In addition to the five running intensity levels of the Personalized Health Rate Zone, new detailed Aerobic Threshold (AT) and Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zone metrics support efficient running while also quickly analyzing performance.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for Cyclists

Cyclists can now easily calculate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics in just 10 minutes and train like pros by using a personalized power index based on AI data analysis to maximize performance. Fitness tracking tools also help track workouts and progress with greater convenience.

Workout Routine and Race Features

With the new Workout Routine, users can combine various exercises for a personalized workout and seamlessly transition to the next exercise without stopping. Stay motivated and track progress when running or cycling using the Race feature, which compares current and past performance on the same routes.

When will One UI 6 Watch Beta Program Start?

Samsung is offering a beta program for select Galaxy Watch users, providing them with early access to the upcoming features powered by Galaxy AI. As the rollout of Galaxy AI features progresses, users can expect new functionalities aimed at enhancing their health and wellness experience.

One UI 6 Watch beta program will be available in the first week of June 2024 for Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5 Pro, Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic users in the United States and Korea via the Samsung Members. It will later expand to India, EU (Europe), Australia, Canada, Japan, and more.

Register for One UI 6 Watch Beta Program on Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 6

One UI Watch 6.0 update will be available for download on the Galaxy Watch 4 (Bluetooth) (LTE) (Classic) and Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro via One UI 5.0 watch beta program. So stay tuned.

  • Download or update the latest Samsung members app update from Play Store. Or download it from our Telegram Channel.
  • Launch the members app.
  • Sign in using your Samsung Account associated with your Galaxy Watch.
  • Head over to the notice section and you should see a new One UI Beta Program link.
  • Tap the notice and fill in the details.
How to Sign Up for Samsung's One UI Beta Program
  • Once registered, you can visit settings > system updates > download OTA updates to check for any updates.

Downloads will appear only when the One UI Watch Beta program is live.


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