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The stable Pixel Camera version 9.2 is already available since last week. IT comes with two unique features including Video Boost and Night Sight in Time Lapse. However, the original Pixel Camera only supports Android 14 and above on the Pixel lineup. Here download the modded GCAM 9.2 APK that supports Android 11, 12,13, and 14 and most Android devices.

Google recently renamed Google Camera to Pixel Camera after the launch of the Pixel 8 Pro. Pixel Camera 9.2 is now available for download with stunning new features like Video Boost with Night Sight video mode, Night Sight in Time Lapse, improved Portrait Lighting, Ultra HDR, new UI, revamped controls, and more.

Google Camera 9.2 features

Google is set to revolutionize smartphone photography once again with the release of the Google Camera 9.2 update, bringing a host of innovative features to Pixel devices. Let’s dive into the exciting additions that promise to elevate your photography and videography experience.

Night Sight in Time Lapse (Exclusive to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro)

The Google Camera update introduces Night Sight in Time Lapse, an exclusive feature for Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users. Now, you can capture captivating Time Lapse videos in low-light conditions with impressive results. With options for both 1080p and 4K recording, users can create stunning 10-second videos from 5-minute and 20-minute recordings, respectively.

Customizable Palm Timer

Building on the previously introduced Palm Timer, users can now customize its behavior. Choose between “Always on” or activation only when the timer is in use, providing a tailored experience based on individual preferences.

Ultra HDR Photo Switch

For photography enthusiasts seeking ultimate control, the Pixel Camera update includes a separate switch for Ultra HDR photos in advanced settings. Fine-tune your HDR experience and capture scenes with enhanced dynamic range.

Video Boost with Night Sight Video Mode

Enhance your low-light videography with Video Boost in Night Sight Video Mode, ensuring your videos are vivid and detailed even in challenging lighting conditions.

Additional Highlights

  • Improved Portrait Lighting: Pixel 6 and newer devices benefit from an upgraded Portrait Lighting feature for even more striking portraits.
  • Unblur Tool for Pets: Pixel 6 and later models receive an enhanced Google Photos Unblur tool, specifically designed to sharpen images of our beloved furry friends—dogs and cats.
  • Dual Screen Preview: Experience a new dimension in photography with the Dual Screen Preview feature, available on the Pixel Fold.
  • Webcam Mode via USB: Transform your Pixel 6 and newer devices into a webcam via USB connection, adding versatility to your virtual interactions.
  • Clean Feature for Scanned Documents: The Pixel Camera’s Clean feature can now remove smudges, streaks, and creases from scanned documents, ensuring your digital copies are pristine.

Google Camera 9.2 feature summary:

  • Night Sight in Time Lapse [exclusive to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro]. The camera app already allowed you to record short time lapse videos of about a second in Astrophotography mode. Now there will be a separate setting in Time Lapse mode that allows you to record longer Nigh Sight Time Lapse videos.
    ○ 1080p: 5-minute recording → 10-second video
    ○ 4K: 20-minute recording → 10-second video
  • Customizing the “Palm timer” feature. The function itself was added in June this year, now with the settings “Always on” or only when the timer is active.
  • Separate switch for Ultra HDR photos in advanced settings.
  • Video Boost with Night Sight Video Mode
  • Night Sight in Time Lapse (8 and 8 Pro)
  • Improved Portrait Lighting (Pixel 6 and newer)
  • Google Photos’ Unblur tool now better sharpens images of dogs and cats. (Pixel 6 and later)
  • Dual Screen Preview feature in Pixel Camera on Pixel Fold
  • Webcam mode via USB connection (Pixel 6 and newer)
  • The camera’s Clean feature can help remove smudges, streaks, and creases from scanned documents. (Pixel 6 and later)

Download GCAM 9.2 APK

Here download the latest Google Camera 9.2 (arm64-v8a) (nodpi) (Android 11+) APK.

Thanks to Google News Telegram Channel

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      Try to install lmc8.4.r18 by haski, celsoazevedo.com

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      AGC GCAM version 9.0 works on my falaxy A23 5g. so ig 9.2 also will work, You should check AGC GCAM Discussion telegram group for suitable version

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