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Google Camera, also known as GCAM, is a popular camera application developed by Google for the Pixel smartphones. GCAM ports have gained widespread popularity among users of other Android devices due to its advanced features and superior image processing capabilities. A working version of GCAM 8.4 is now available for download, even for Nothing phones. In this article, we will discuss how to install GCAM for Nothing Phone 1.

GCAM is a popular camera app known for its advanced features and image processing capabilities that can significantly improve the quality of photos taken on an Android device. It features various modes such as Night Sight, Astrophotography, Portrait, and HDR+ that enhance the overall quality of images and videos.

Google recently released the latest Google Camera 8.8 with the March 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. It brings faster Night Sight photography for all. Plus, Magic Eraser is now available for free on all Pixel devices. Don’t worry, Samsung already has the latest Photo Editor APK as Magic Eraser alternative.

However, Nothing Phone 1 is compatible with the latest Google Camera 8.4 as it takes better photos on the device rather than the latest one. While you can stil try GCAM 8.8, it is recommended to use the GCAM 8.4 from developers like Shamim and Hasli. Also, download the supporting config files listed below.

Features of Google Camera on Nothing Phone

  1. Night Sight Mode: This feature uses advanced algorithms to capture bright and clear photos in low-light conditions. The Night Sight mode also enhances the details and colors in the images, resulting in better-looking photos.
  2. Astrophotography Mode: This feature allows users to capture stunning photos of the night sky. It uses long exposures and advanced algorithms to capture stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects.
  3. Portrait Mode: This mode uses machine learning algorithms to blur the background and focus on the subject, resulting in a professional-looking portrait. It also offers various lighting effects, including natural, studio, and more.
  4. Slow Motion Mode: This mode lets users capture slow-motion videos at 240 frames per second. It can capture stunning slow-motion videos of fast-moving objects or activities.
  5. HDR+ Mode: This feature captures multiple photos with different exposure levels and merges them into a single image. This results in better color accuracy, contrast, and detail in the photos.

Gcam 8.4.400 added time-lapse, slow motion, normal video resolution selection on a few stuff, and customization settings for front and back cameras separately. It also supports Samsung S23 Ultra with added features like noise modelers, models AWB, new addresses and values to the patcher.

Most importantly, GCAM 8.4 release 32 also supports AUX cameras. Meaning, you can use the secondary telephoto lens or wide-angle lens with GCAM as well!

Check out the features of the original Google Camera 8.4.500 here. You will also find features from the previous Google Camera 8.4. See all the features of the Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera from our previous post Gcam 8.4.200.

Download GCAM For Nothing Phone

Here is the latest Gcam 8.4 MOD APK from the popular developer Hasli and Shamim for all Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 12. It may also work with Android 11 and 10.

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Download GCAM Config File for Nothing Phone

Config file will help theNothing Phone device capture the best photos and apply several settings.

Tutorial on how to install config file on Google Camera.

How to install Google Camera on Nothing Phone

  • Install GCam APK
  • Extract the GCAM Config zip file to the root of file manager (outside every folder)
  • Hold on the GCam icon and choose “Capture video”
  • Double tap on the space between the shot button and the gallery and then import the config file
  • Enjoy the best images on your Galaxy S23 series.

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