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Magisk v25 APK Download

Updated on June 27, 2022 (UTC): Magisk v25.1 fixes some minor bugs over v25.0. The changelog is the same as v25.0 release notes.

Original: Magisk is the most popular rooting app for almost all Android devices right now. It got a major release just a few hours ago to Magisk v25.0. According to the changelog, this new update comes with a complete rewrite of MagiskInit. A whole new sepolicy injection mechanism has been introduced in Magos 25 solving the “SELinux Problem” once and for all. Here, download the latest Magisk v25 APK.

MagiskInit is critical software that runs before your device boots up. According to John Wu, the developer behind the project, Magisk has been continually struggling against the more complex partitioning and early mount settings since Android launched Project Treble in Android 8.0. In order to solve the complexity of magiskinit, a whole new sepolicy injection mechanism has been introduced into Magisk 25. This should solve the “SELinux Problem.”

Furthermore, MagiskSU’s security has been tightened. The superuser functionality in Magisk v25 focuses on making root permission management more accurate and secure. Here are some of the changes:

  • Add a whole new package tracking system to ensure malicious UID reuse attack cannot be performed
  • Properly support and implement the UX in the Magisk app for packages using sharedUserId
  • Enforce root manager APK signature verification to combat the rampant unofficial Magisk app “mods”

Full Changelog: here.

As we already know, the previous Magisk v24 introduced Zygisk; Magisk in Zygote. When this feature is enabled, a part of Magisk will run in the Zygote daemon process, allowing module developers to run code directly in every Android apps’ process. Zygisk is inspired by that project Riru and is functionally similar.

Magisk 24 followed by versions 24.1, 24.2, and v24.3 featured several stability improvements and bug fixes for buffer overflow, multiuser superuser settings, command logging, Improved Zygisk loading mechanism, and much more.

Magisk also includes an important DenyList feature to revert Magisk features in user-selected processes. You can have a look at the complete changelog from here.

Magisk 24.3 updated Zygisk API to v3, and improved app repackaging installation workflow. So download and install latest Magisk 24.3 APK, if you haven’t already.

Magisk 25.1 ZIP & APK Download

Here, download the latest Magisk ZIP and APK. Simply rename it to get the zip file. Following are the direct download links right from the Github repository of the project.

Magisk 25 APK Download

Here we have listed the latest Magisk APK. Simply rename it to get the zip file. Following are the direct download links right from the Github repository of the project.

Magisk APK Github downloads repository:

Important links:

Magisk Modules Downloads Repository

Magisk is dropping support to download online modules. You will find Fox’s Magisk Module Manager below so you can restore the Magisk Modules functionality.

The centralized Magisk-Modules-Repo is also gone from Magisk 24. According to the developer, this is due to lack of time and maintenance. The functionality to download modules from the repo is removed in v24.0.

Magisk Hide

However, as planned by the developer, the MagiskHide has now been removed from Magisk completely. The developer has already put out a statement for the same. You can visit our post on Download Universal SafetyNet Fix post for more explanation.

How to Install Magisk v25.0 APK and Magisk ZIP?

The easiest way to install Magisk APK is as a normal app installation on any Android device. Alternatively, you can rename “Magisk-v25.0.apk” to “” and flash via TWRP recovery with ZIP extension.

How to install Magisk? Check out the updated installation guide for more info.

Use the Magisk v24+ APK and install it as a normal app onto Android 12, 11, 10, 9.0 Pie, 8.0/8.1 Oreo, 7.0/7.1 Nougat, Marshmallow, Android 5 Lollipop.

However, if you must, you can simply rename the magisk.apk to .zip and you get a TWRP flashable Magisk zip.

What is Stub in Magisk 25?

Stub: The developer John Wu has also added a new app for hiding the Magisk app with advanced techniques using stub APK in support of Android 5.0+.

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