New Apex Legends Mobile APK Download and OBB Files

Apex Legends Mobile is currently undergoing a thorough beta program for select regions across the globe for the Android platform. Today, the developer Electronic Arts (EA), released their fourth beta for Apex Legends Mobile! If you haven’t already, download and install Apex Legends Mobile Beta 4 APK and OBB files from below.

According to sources, Apex Legends beta 4 is still a closed beta available in select countries including Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. The game was previously available in Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and Hong Kong. You may also play the game if you are in the United States, EU, Canada using the VPNs we listed below. Beta 4 is currently live in the aforementioned countries right now with an expansion for more countries coming later this month.

Furthermore, the latest Apex beta 4 features new content, features, optimizations, and most importantly high graphics support! The tutorial will guide you through the gameplay and working mechanics of the game. It also brings new content like upgraded maps, gear, outfits, characters, and tons of bug fixes.

Apex Legends Mobile features from latest closed beta test – September 23

[Newly added]

  • New weapon: charge rifle, triple-take
  • New accessory: quickdraw holster
  • New ability: generic perk
  • New modes: TDM(3 maps: market, artillery, thermal station), BR Cutoff
  • In-game tutorial: dive, zip, open mini map, ring escape, reacon looting
  • In-game legned voice: vault, container robot, air-drop, safe area, ping specail items, etc.
  • New settings: shotgun firing mode selection, steering sensitivity and firing sensitivity can be set correlation
  • Limited-time props: limited-time weapon skins, limited-time legends, limited-time skins
  • Out-game skill display
  • Scoring in a single game
  • Dive trails
  • Game sharing and show off
  • Apex pack


  • Remove Mirage

In the download section we have listed the Apex Legends Beta 4 from the Mexico region. So you will need a VPN in order to play the game. Some users reported that the Mexico region worked with a local Google Account. So you may need to create and register a new regional Google Account in order to play.

According to official reports, Apex Legends Mobile’s beta 4 will soon be expanded to more regions later in September and October 2021. So stay tuned! Meanwhile, APK download Apex Legends Mobile.

Download Apex Legends Mobile APK and OBB Files

Here we have listed the latest Apex Legends Mobile APK and OBB files for download. While you can still install the game officially via the Play Store, not all phones are supported. As this is a graphics-intensive game, it requires a newer Snapdragon 845 and above. Snapdragon 855 or 865 is recommended. As an alternative, you can simply install the Apex Legends Mobile APK from below.

APK Download


  • Apex.Legends.v.0.6.5468.8993.b.6429crk.apk

Note that the latest Apex legends APK comes in a large package of 1.12 GB in size. This is the full APK and also creates OBB folder upon installation. Connect to VPN and play. The APK is uploading on the channel and should be live anytime now.

How to Install Apex Legends Mobile APK + OBB?

  • Download and install the latest Apex Legends Mobile APK from above.
  • Intall a VPN app and connect to Mexico or Hong Kong region.
  • Launch the game.
  • The game will create a folder under Android > OBB >
  • Sign in using Mexico local Google Account. (optional)
  • It should also start downloading and extracting files into the OBB folder.
  • If it does not, download the OBB from above and paste it under folder Android > OBB >

Alternatively, if you have a high-end Android smartphone and live in a region where the beta program is available, download it officially from the Play Store listing or TapTap app.

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    It says server failed when trying to download

    1. Sarang Avatar

      You will need to connect to a working VPN and connect to the location where the Apex Beta is available.

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    How do u create a mexico local Google account?

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