PUBG MOBILE 1.6.0 APK + OBB Download

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PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 APK OBB Download

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 update is just around the corner. The official PUBGM 1.6 patch notes are already available which brings a whole lot of nostalgia as some of your favorite gameplay modes and maps return to the game. Checkout what’s new in v1.6 and also download the latest PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK and OBB files.

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 update is termed Chef’s Special and features Royale Pass Month 3: starting September 17 to October 17. After that, you will get another Royale Pass Month. As you ready know, PUBG Mobile will have a monthly pass now.

On to some exciting news, some of the game modes returning to PUBGM patch 1.6 include Metro Royale: Reunion, Titans: Last Stand, Survive Till Dawn, Runic Power, Infection Mode, and VS AI. Most liked maps such as Vikendi and Payload 2.0 are also making a return to the game.

As for the new features, survivors will also get to participate in a brand new mode called Flora Menace. This mode’s premise is as follows:

Erangel has been invaded by alien plants known as Yarilo. After absorbing special energy, the Yarilo quickly took over the major core urban areas and created the Rejuvenation Barrier, which has healing powers. The Cell Matrix, a giant spaceship that carries everyone’s hopes of escape, has gone out of control because of the invasion. Go to the Cell Matrix to conduct investigations, reclaim the energy, and experience awesome battles with random weapon drops and respawns. Call DynaHex Supplies to keep you well-supplied in battle.

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 Update Key Highlights

  1. New Mode: Flora Menace
  2. Metro Royale: Reunion
  3. Titans: Last Stand
  4. Vikendi
  5. Survive Till Dawn
  6. Payload 2.0
  7. Infection Mode
  8. Runic Power
  9. VS AI
  10. New Social Features
  11. Royale Pass Month 3: Chef’s Special (9/17–10/17)

Most importantly, this will also be included in Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6.0 update. Checkout BGMI 1.6.0 patch notes.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 APK (No VPN Link)

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 update will be available for download starting September 14, 2021. Update before September 19 (UTC 0) to get 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Justice Defender Backpack (3d) ×1 for free. However, we will list the PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 APK + OBB files here before anyone else.

Following you will be able to download PUBG MOBILE 1.6.0 APK and OBB files. You will find two versions of the PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 APK. The first is the full 1GB APK download which is meant for every device like PC, tablets, and mobile. So if you intend to download PUBG for PC or Bluestacks, then go with the first one.

The second is a compact version intended for mobile devices only or Android smartphones. It comes in a compact size of 717 MB in size. However, do note that once you install the APK, it will automatically start downloading the OBB files; which may take a total of 2GB of storage on Android.

Download instructions: While you can still download PUBG Mobile game safely from the Play Store listing directly from Google servers globally including North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia, the listing may not show for Indian users. You may need a VPN for multiple devices to download via direct link. So you can download the APK from below and OBB for offline downloads.

Download APK + OBB from Google Servers

You can use our APK Downloader to get the APK and OBB files for download. The links come directly from Google servers. So its safe.

  • Download PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 APK + OBB from Play Store | APK Downloader

Simply put in the following URL where it asks and choose options like “Android 10” and “Samsung Phones“. OR just leave it as “Default

Note: For arm and x86 devices, see the different variants below. That’s it, install the PUBG Mobile APK. Download OBB file, extract the zip to get a folder called com.tencent.ig and place it under Android > OBB folder.

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