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Clubhouse is a brand new type of social network app where users interact using audio chats or drop-ins instead of text, images, videos, etc. According to their App Store listing, Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations. Chat with the people you follow or listen to what others are talking about. Audio chats seems to be the future as a lot of similar apps and services are launching in 2021. The first Clubhouse APK is now available for download for your Android.

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat was available only for iPhones and iPads for the longest time and listed on the Apple App Store. The app was launched as closed beta for Android and available only for pre-registration to the public. Today the developers have dropped their first Clubhouse APK and now available for download for all Android devices across all locations.

Do note that Clubhouse is still in early access (beta) for most parts and you may need an invite from an existing Clubhouse users to join in. You can seamlessly install the following Clubhouse APK onto any Android device and also check the Google Play Store listing for any latest updates for the app.

Download Clubhouse APK

The first version, which is beta, is Clubhouse v0.1 is now available for download. You can also get the app officially from the Play Store. However, if the listing is not yet showing for you, get the APK file from below and install it onto your device.

Price: Free

Alternatively, download the Clubhouse APK and the supporting packages to completely install the app on your Android device.

APK Download

Note: For Google Drive links, download to PC and then transfer to phone storage. Or use the Box mirrors.

Clubhouse Invite

For Android, Adam Soccolich has invited you to join the Clubhouse only for Android users. Skip the wait list and join the community immediately!

Note: For regions where the Clubhouse streaming service isn’t available, use a VPN service and change the device location to USA. The services may only available in select countries and mostly popular in the United States. Visit Clubhouse website to check availability.

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