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Android Auto APK Download

Google is well aware of the auto industry and tries to develop more and more software related to it. Android Auto is one of them. This platform was announced in 2014 and received a major redesign in 2019.

The Automobile platform limits users to just a handful of useful apps such as Google Maps, Spotify, Youtube Music, Waze, etc. It is an alternate way to control an Android phone while you are driving. Android Auto is designed to keep the driver’s attention on the road instead of looking at a smartphone.

Users can take the advantage of this platform in any vehicle which offers integration with the platform. There are more than 500 different vehicles that offer this support. Some of these include Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, etc.

Features of Android Auto

Android Auto has numerous features that you can put to use for a smarter and more entertaining ride with fewer unsafe distractions. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Use either your phone screen or car display.
  2. Call Contacts while keeping your hands on the wheel.
  3. This platform is integrated with the OK Google feature(Google Assistant), which means you can control this platform with the help of your voice.
  4. Easily stream your favorite music from apps like Spotify, Youtube Music, Pandora music, etc.
  5. Distraction-free user interface.
  6. Support messaging apps like Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

Latest Android Auto APK Download

In order to use Android Auto in your vehicle, you must have an Android phone with 6.0 or greater Android version and a high-quality USB cable for wired connection. The latest version available is Android Auto – Google Maps, Media & Messaging 6.2.6109 version. Download APK here.

Currently, there are very few devices that are compatible with this app and you cannot download this app on those devices through Play Store.

But no need to worry, we have our own Android APK Downloader from where you can download this app on every device. This APK Downloader extracts the APK from the Google server and gives you the download link.

Official Method via Play Store

Android Auto
Android Auto
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

APK Downloader

Alternatively, you can download the APK separately. Here is how to extract the APK directly from Google Play Store.

  • Visit our APK Downloader Tool where you can extract APK + OBB files directly from Google Play Store.
  • You should see a search option and several types of “Android” device type selection options.
  • Paste the following URL into the search box:
  • In the config tab, Select your Android Version and Device you have.
  • Or just leave it as “Default”.
  • Now, click on the generated download link.
  • This will present you with the latest Android Auto APK download link.
  • Simply click on the “base.apk” file.
  • Once downloaded, go to the location where the file is located using a file explorer/manager app.
  • Click to install the app to your Android device.
  • You may need to enable “Install using Unknown Sources” option.
  • Go to Menu->Settings->Security-> and check “Unknown Sources“.
Download latest Android Auto APK - APK Downloader

Android Auto is a wonderful app to have. The self-driving car may be the automobile’s distant future, but the near future is already in your pocket and it’s pretty awesome.

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