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The most awaited PUBG Mobile 1.1 update has finally arrived. It features the latest Metro Royale, in collaboration with the popular Metro Exodus game for PC and consoles. Latest PUBG Mobile 1.1 update brings two unique Erangel-based maps. These maps feature ruins, trenches, a bandit camp, and other new scenes. Most importantly, the company also brings Royale Pass Season 16 called the Metro Royale.

With the new 1.1 update, you get to experience a completely new underground world that includes unique combat mechanics and a railcar vehicle. Get all the new gears including brand new weapons such as M203 Grenade Launcher and Tikhar Rifle. Also, equip stunning gadgets like Night Vision Scope & Goggles Thermal Sight, new Heavy Armor, and much more. Checkout the complete update log from below.

What’s new with PUBG Mobile 1.1 update patch notes?

PUBG Mobile also released the entire patch notes for 1.1 update here. You can also get a brief summary from the list below.


  • All-new collaboration gameplay and progress system
  • Armed to the teeth, search for the dawn’s first light


  • 1) All-New Environments
    • 1. Two unique Erangel-based maps, featuring ruins, trenches, a bandit camp, and other new scenes – all waiting to be explored.
    • 2. Explore a new underground world that includes unique combat mechanics and a railcar vehicle. The rewards are tempting, but danger lurks all around you. Watch out for the enemies hiding in the shadows.
  • 2) New Gear
    • 1. Weapons can be equipped with underslung grenades, integrating the ability to blow up enemies into your firearms.
    • 2. An all-new Thermal Sight helps you better discover the locations of hidden enemies.
    • 3. Night Vision equipment gives you the upper hand in pitch-black environments.
    • 4. Cool new Heavy Armor offers even stronger protection.
    • 5. A diverse range of armor attachments that make it possible to further customize the abilities of your armor.
    • 6. Try out the Tikhar Rifle used in the Metro series to experience using a unique, silent air rifle.
  • 3) New Challenges
    • 1. Cunning bandits have been introduced as enemies on the map. Raid them or loot their supplies, but watch out for the elite warriors among them.
    • 2. Special monsters from the Metro series who threaten players from the shadows.
  • 4) New Pursuits
    • Arm yourself and enter the battlefield, then defeat enemies and search for supplies, score loot, get better gear, and amass a fortune.


  • Tap the metro tunnel entrance in the Lobby to enter the Metro Royale gameplay lobby, which contains a complete auxiliary system and features, including a black market, loadout inventory, missions, talents, rankings, etc.
  • 1) Black Market
    • 1. The Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop. Players can purchase supplies and new equipment here before starting a match, and can sell the supplies they bring out of Metro Royale for Metro Cash.
    • 2. The supplies available in the Black Market differ from those from the Classic Mode and are divided into different quality levels. The Black Market also offers Metro Royale-exclusive weapons, mines, and other new items.
  • 2) Loadout Inventory:
    • 1. Equipment configured in the loadout can be brought into battle. When you return victorious from the battlefield, items are taken back to the loadout.
    • 2. Items can be stored in the Inventory. Items kept in the Inventory cannot be brought into the battlefield and won’t be lost if you are defeated.
    • 3. Items carried in your Backpack will be brought into the match, so remember to include enough ammo.
    • 4. Items stored in the safe will be brought back to Loadout whether you win or lose the match.
  • 3) Command Post
    • 1. At the Command Post, you can check your Favorability with NPCs, read NPC backstories, and give them gifts to raise your Favorability.
    • 2. When you raise your Favorability with an NPC, they’ll offer you many useful resources that will improve your odds of survival in the Metro Royale world!

Classic Erangel Metro-Themed Gameplay (coming soon)

  • 1. Underground Metro stations, Metro monsters, and Radioactive Zones will appear on the classic Erangel map.
  • 2. 4 metro lines will be installed in Erangel, with 2 randomly appearing each time. Players can move about quickly by using metro stations.

Winter Festival-Themed Gameplay (coming soon)

  • A cold wave has hit Erangel, and floating ice has appeared all over the sea surface. Follow the floating ice to find the randomly appearing Winter Castle Paradise, get into jolly snowball fights with friends, and snowboard to your heart’s content!
  • Visit the Winter Festival hut and the gift pine tree that have appeared next to the city, and delight in the festivities with your teammates!


While the Google Play Store and Apple App Store listing may not be available in some regions, here is how you can download and install the app on any Android and iOS devices. As for Android phones, PUBG trimmed down the APK to a smaller size of just 610 MB.

However, you will still need the OBB file. So the app will automatically download the remaining files directly from the PUBG servers. The total size requirement is approximately 1.8 GB for Android including the OBB package and 2.17 GB of additional storage space for iOS devices.

Note 1: For regions like India where PUBG is banned, you can use a VPN on iOS devices, visit the App Store listing, and download the game. You can play without a VPN on iPhone or iPad. You don’t need VPN for Andorid devices at all.

Note 2: You can also download the APK and OBB files separately using our APK Downloader. Simply put in the Play Store URL there and generate download links directly from Play Store.

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