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Sony just launched its fifth-generation console called the PlayStation 5, just a few days ago. It is a direct competitor to Microsoft’s 2020 Xbox Series X. While the Xbox and PlayStation 5 both are direct competitors, they both have their own perks and downsides. In order to make things more interesting, Sony just released a major update to the PlayStation App v20.9.3 with features like connect (with friends), discover (PS5 games), and control (PS5).

The latest PlayStation 5 app brings some stunning features to the plate. The first thing you will notice is that the app gets an updated user interface with a redesigned home screen. It will also let you quickly see what your friends are playing. You gain access to your recently played games which also includes your Trophy List. Messages integration is the best part of the PS5 app so you can seamlessly message your friends all in one place. Voice Chat and Party Groups is another great feature where you can voice chat with up to 15 contacts.

As for the discover part, you can search for all the available games available for your console, be it PS4 or PS5. Most importantly, the new app has native integration with the PlayStation Store and you can remotely download the games onto your console. Moreover, you’ll also be able to remotely launch games, manage storage on your console right from your smartphone or tablet.

You can checkout all about the PS5 app features from Sony’s official press release or from the video below:

YouTube video

The PlayStation 5 App is now available for download on Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. However, if for some reason you do not see the new PS5 app on the stores, you can also download the APK and manually install it.

Download PlayStation 5 App for Android and iOS: PlayStation App v20+

The latest version of PlayStation v20 supports iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later). While you will need to download the PS5 app for the iPhone officially from the App Store here, here are all the ways you can download the app on your Android devices. Note that the app is exclusive to North America. So even if you do manage to install the app from another location, you may need to use a VPN to actually watch anything.

PlayStation App
PlayStation App
Price: Free

APK download

For APK download link directly from Google Servers, head over to our APK Downloader by androidsage and enter the Play Store link there. You will get the latest PlayStation 5 link to download.

Latest PlayStation APK Downloader

Alternatively, download the APK from APKCombo mirror links below:

  • Download PlayStation 5 APK | APK Download (Use Play Store link)

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