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Android 11 ROM’s are popping up and the obsession of Android 10 is about to end. For getting the proper taste of Android 11, Gapps are a must. Gapps, also referred to as Google apps, come as separate packages from custom ROMS due to licensing. Same goes for Android 11 custom ROMS as well. Thus, Gapps come encapsulated in flashable zip files using custom recoveries such as TWRP. For reveling the custom ROM experience, we should have proper Gapps so we can get all the Google Apps we need like Play Services, Play Store, YouTube, Google Assistant, Chrome, and more. Download and install Gapps for Android 11 ROMs or GSIs here.

There are many custom ROMs that are available for various Android devices such as LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, Pandroid Android and AOSP Extended, etc. While unofficial, at the moment, you can still flash them onto your Android devices for testing purposes. You can also flash Android 11 GSI builds onto Project Treble enabled devices.

Most of the custom ROM provides you Gapps by default. But usually, at the starting era of Android 11 you might not be getting inbuilt support of Gapps in some of the Custom ROMs. So, what and how to do it? Our post is just about this!

You can download Gapps for your Android from the links listed below. Make sure to download compatible Gapps package with your device architecture (ARM 64, ARM, X86). Otherwise, you will not be able to flash the Gapps package. Also, remember one thing that you have to choose the Gapps package according to your need among- pico, nano, micro, mini, full, stock, super etc. Never go for full, stock, or super packages if you don’t need those apps; because these apps will consume a lot of RAM.

You will be getting many Google Apps depending on the package that you have selected a typical Gapps package contains all the basic apps that are mentioned below and with some other additional applications.

• Facelock
• GoogleBackupTransport
• GoogleRestore
• GoogleSetupWizard
• GoogleLoginService
• GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter
• GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
• GoogleExtShared
• MarkupGoogle
• SoundPickerPrebuilt
• ConfigUpdater
• GoogleExtServices
• GoogleLoginService
• GoogleServicesFramework
• Phonesky
• PrebuiltGmsCore
• GoogleDialerFramework
• GoogleMapsFramework
• GoogleMediaEffectsFramework

Addon Packages

• GoogleAssistant
• GoogleCalculator
• GoogleCalendar
• GoogleContacts
• GoogleDeskclock
• GoogleDialer
• GoogleMarkup
• GoogleMessages
• GooglePhotos
• GoogleSoundPicker
• GoogleWellbeing

You can then download the following packages from Play Store:

– ‎Google Play Music
– ‎Google Play Games
– Google App
– ‎Google Framework
– ‎Google Phone
– ‎Google Contacts
– ‎Google Core Apps
– Google Lens
– Google Clock
– ‎Google Drive
– ‎Google Calendar
– ‎Google Photos
– ‎Google Messages
– ‎Google Chrome
– ‎Google Duo
– ‎GBoard
– ‎Google Maps
– ‎Google TTS
– ‎Pixel Launcher
– ‎Google Play Store
– ‎Gmail
– ‎Google Assistant
– ‎Google Play Services
– ‎Google Calculator
– ‎YouTube

Download Android 11 Gapps For ARM /  ARM 64 Devices

Here are Gapps packages for Android 11 ROMS from various developers. BiTGApps comes as flashable zip files of packages as well as Google Installer APK. NikGapps, on the other hand, comes in various packages. You can: Easily Find Processor Architecture on Android Device: Find arm, arm64, x86 and all CPU Info.

Gapps for Android 11 by BitGapps

BiTGApps updated package. The latest release is now compatible with Android 11.

Gapps for Android 11 by NikGapps

NikGapps package comes with a SetupWizard module. While this Gapps distribution may have some bugs, you can skip the module using nikgapps.config or flashing the variant without SetupWizard. That should fix it.

Open Gapps for Android 11

Open Gapps is a very popular package when it comes to flashing custom ROMS. Keep looking for Android 11 Open Gapps packages from the source below. We will update the official or unofficial builds as soon as they are available.

Google Installer APK for Android 11

This Google Installer APK will installer the necessary Google Apps on your Android devices like the Play Services and the Play Store. You can manually download rest of the Google Apps from the Play Store. While we have posted the Google Installer APK before, it may be outdated. But you can also try it on Android 11. You can also try the BitGapps APK from here.

How To Install Gapps?

Before proceeding for installation make sure you have downloaded compatible Gapps package for your device architecture.  Otherwise, you will be getting an error while installing the Gapps.

For A/B devices

If you are not sure with what is your current active slot then you have to follow the below step for both slot A and  B, or you can check the active slot using fastboot getvar all. and  follow the below step for only active slot.

  • Flash ROM and recovery in the active slot using TWRP recovery.
  • Reboot to recovery.
  • Install the Gapps Zip file then reboot to system.

For A only devices

A only partition devices don’t require lot of effort just follow below given simple steps.

  • Reboot into Recovery.
  • Install custom ROM and the Gapps package.
  • Reboot to system.

If in case you have any relevant issue then you can raise issues in comments, I will be helping you out very soon.

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