World’s First Nationwide T-Mobile Standalone 5G Network

T-Mobile had a big revelation recently with their top of the line standalone 5G network technology. This allowed the company to maximize the use of its 600MHz 5G spectrum. Prior to this release, that 600MHz footprint was directly tied to T-Mobile’s LTE coverage map; thus limiting its reach. However, with the launch of new 5G NR standalone technology, this 600MHz 5G can go beyond the mid-band signal and can cover hundreds of square miles from a single tower. Thus going deeper into buildings than before.

Samsung just enabled the same for their Galaxy S20 lineup. T-Mobile Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra variants are some of the first few devices to receive support for he carrier’s 5G NR standalone technology. The OTA comes with a new firmware build number G981USQU1ATGL for the regular Galaxy S20. The same should follow for the T-Mobile Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra with ATGL firmware update. We can also expect the same for the newly launched Note 20 series.

T Mobies Standalone 5G Network update for Samsung Galaxy S20 with ATGL firmware

T-Mobile’s standalone 5G network almost doubles data transfer speeds

T-Mobile’s ground breaking standalone 5G technology is a huge deal for all the users; especially the current T-Mobile users as they will benefit from faster 5G speeds while keeping the same data plans. As reported by several users, who updated to the ATGL build on their S20 device, they are seeing almost twice as much download and upload speeds with just an OTA update.

Looking at this Reddit thread, user u/Kagetora shared a screenshot of mobile data speed improvements with before and after the ATGL OTA update; seeing almost twice as much boost in internet speeds for both LTE and 5G network. Same goes for many of the users in that thread.


You can download the full stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra from our tutorial here.

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