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Samsung released a bunch of optimizations, customization, and utility tools for the Galaxy series phones for the Android 10 One UI 2.0 firmware update. Not so long ago, we published a couple of posts about the best free Samsung themes and icon packs for your Galaxy devices. While themes are a great way to customize Samsung devices, the manufacturer later released Good Lock 2020 (a stunning customization tool) and Galaxy Labs (optimization tool). Here we are with yet another utility tool for the gaming community. Samsung’s Game Plugins is a great way to customize games and know various device stats while gaming. It comes with two more plugins called “Daily Limits” and “Perf Z”. So download and install Game Plugins APK by Samsung for all Galaxy devices.

Samsung just released a new app called Game Plugins for boosting gaming performance. One of the plugins called the Perf Z will enable all sorts of stats and info you need while playing games. This includes displaying FPS (frame rates), CPU usage, GPU usage, and Temperature of the device. With this info you are constantly aware of the device performance and how hot the gaming device is running. The Game Booster Plus, exclusive to Andorid 10 for now, will boost the gaming performance on your Samsung device on both Exynos and Snapdragon processors.

Daily Limits plugin is quite self-explanatory. You can set a daily limit for the time you play games for. This is similar to the Digital Wellbeing tool released by Google with Android 10 OS. Daily Limits has a very intuitive user interface and urges kids to spend enough time in outdoor activities and education. More plugins including FPS boost, Game Booster Plus, Network Boost, etc will come soon. So stay tuned!

Download Game Plugins APK from Samsung [Good Lock for Games]

The Game Plugins app is available officially on the Galaxy Store in select regions only. We have also listed the direct APK download links below in case the app doesn’t show up on the Galaxy Store for you.

Note that the Game Plugins is a container app just like Good Lock 2020. The Daily Limits, Perf Z, Game Booster Plus, FPS Boost, Network Boost etc. are the actual plugins. Currently Android 9 Pie only supports a few of these apps. More plugins for Android 10 One UI 2.0. So if you want the Game Booster Plus on Android 10, simply launch the Game Plugin first and then install the Game Booster Plus plugin from within. Stay tuned for more updates!

Downloads from Galaxy Store:

APK download:

Note: For the Google drive link, download to PC and then transfer to phone storage to install it. Or simply use the mirror link. Here is the direct download link.

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