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Google is currently testing the latest Android 11 firmware update via first developer preview builds for all the Pixel series phones. The official Android 11 DP 1 builds are now available for download for most of the Google Pixel devices right now. Pus, the stunning Android 11 GSI builds using which you can manually update any Project Treble enabled Android phone to the latest Android R. Developers and users have started extracting various packages from Android 11 including the latest Google Pixel Launcher 11 APK.

Here is the original Android 11 Launcher (Pixel Launcher 11) ported from the latest Android R Developer Previews available for Google Pixel phones. The latest Pixel Launcher 11 comes with new design and features. APK teardown of the latest Pixel Launcher 11 reveals new features like suggested apps on the home screen, increased touch sensitivity option for the Pixel 4 series, added Motion Sense gestures for music, revamped Notification History page, new screenshot preview, and more. It also hints at a new Google homescreen widget with more functionalities alongside Google Assistant.

The Pixel launcher 11 listed below has improved stability, bug fixes, and brings a revamped design to your phone. The Android 11’s Pixel Launcher is targeted towards Android 10 or later. So you can try it on various Smartphones already running Android 10 or later from various manufactures like Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, Vivo, OPPO, Essential, LG, Asus, Huawei, Realme.

Download Android 11 Launcher APK: Rootless Pixel Launcher 11

Here is the latest Rootless Pixel Launcher 11 extracted directly from Android 11. Currently, we have the original Google Pixel Launcher (un-touched) directly extracted from Pixel phones. This launcher is targeted towards Android 10 or later.

A modded Rootless Pixel Launcher will soon me available for download that can be installed on most of the Android device running 8.1 Oreo, 9 Pie, or later. So stay tuned!

Download Original Google Pixel Launcher from Android 11 APK download:

Note: For Google Drive link, download on PC and then transfer it to phone storage and install. Or you may encounter a parsing error.

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    I downloaded this, but I can’t install it on my Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 10.


    There was a problem analising the package.

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