Best PUBG Mobile Settings for Basics, Graphics, Controls, Sensitivity, and more

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Best PUBG Mobile Settings for Basics, Graphics, Controls, Sensitivity

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground mobile version, or more commonly known as PUBG mobile, is currently the most popular Android games right now. Just recently, the PUBG Esports gaming community organized a global championship called the PMCO. It was a huge tournament where teams across the globe from several countries played against each other to gain the title of the best PUBG mobile team in the world; plus a $400,000 cash prize. However, the biggest credit for PUBG Mobile’s success goes to the daily active players like us who simply play the game for entertainment. So here in this guide, you will find the best PUBG Mobile settings right from the basics, graphics, controls, to sensitivity, and more.

Tencent Games, the developers behind the PUBG mobile version of Android OS and Apple iOS, brought some stunning updates this year. With 100 Million downloads on Play Store, the developers brought support for more Android phones available in the market. However, there are just too many smartphones in the world with a different set of hardware. So it takes manual efforts to optimize the game for each and every phone. With the following tutorial, we will help you optimize the game. This will also get rid of any lag, fix heating issues, fix FPS drop, and fix for high ping. Doing this will also improve your gameplay.

Here are the best PUBG Mobile settings from all the categories including basics, controls, graphics, sensitivity, and more. Also, first go through the network and connectivity settings from our COD Mobile fix tutorial. Best to look for in that guide is the Cloudflare DNS setup.

Network settings: How to Fix Errors in Android games – Troubleshooting guide

Download GFX Tool APK for PUBG mobile best optimization

GFX Tool is the best thing that ever happened to the PUBG mobile community. These tools are very common amongst mobile gamers, especially the GFX tool for PUBG mobile game. Using the tool, you can set graphics to high, enable HDR graphics settings for compatible devices, and even enable extreme FPS options. So even if you are using a former flagship phone like the Samsung Galaxy S8, you won’t get the option to turn on HDR or Extreme FPS; even though the device is capable of all of the features listed above.

This is where the GFX tool comes in handy. You can optimize settings according to your phone’s hardware. This can reduce lag, fix frame rate drop, reduce texture, disable shadows, and enable GPU optimization; thus improving your gameplay. You can also increase the resolution of PUBG mobile to 1080p if you want.

The GFX tools simply edit the config file of the installed game in order to give you the best graphics optimization. It also has an option to optimize GPU that helps greatly. I have personally been using the Gfx tool on my Samsung Galaxy S8 to play PUBG mobile and unlock HDR graphics and extreme FPS. Most importantly, it has helped with lag and touch issues in claw method (more below).

GFX Tool for PUBG
GFX Tool for PUBG
Developer: tsoml
Price: Free+

Screenshot GFX Tool

Best GFX Tool settings for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile stable 0.13.5 successfully released earlier this month with new Season 8, new weapons, new classic mode results page, improved rewards system, improved ranking system, new outfits and much more. Most importantly, you will now be able to set a higher FPS setting (high frame rate options to extreme). However, if your phone doesn’t show extreme FPS option under the Graphics panel, then you can download the GFX tool and enable it from there.

Here are the best GFX tool settings for PUBG mobile:

  • Resolution: 1280 (HD Default)
  • Graphics: Smooth or Smooth HD
  • FPS: 60FPS (increase if you have higher refresh rate screen)
  • Anti-aliasing: 2X or 4X
  • Styles: Colorful
  • Rendering Quality: Medium
  • Shadows: Disable
  • Shadow Distance: Low
  • Moving Shadows: Disable
  • Texture Quality: Default
  • Color format: Default
  • Detail Mode: Default
  • Light Effects: Disable
  • GPU Optimization: Enable
  • Sound Quality: Disabled
  • Save Controls: Enabled

Screenshot GFX Tool1

Screenshot GFX Tool2

You can play around with the following settings for better options:

  • Texture Quality: Low or Medium
  • Color format: Low or Medium
  • Detail Mode: Low or Medium
  • Light Effects: Low or Medium

Best PUBG Mobile Basics Settings

The first two options to enable right away from the basic settings are Peek & Fire and Peek & Open Scope toggles. You should enable both and set it to either Tap or Hold. Another option you can look forward to enabling is the Jump/Climb separate buttons.

Once enabled, you will find three more options in the layout. Place the buttons at your convenience. Test it out in the training mode.

PUBG mobile basic settings

Best PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

I personally set PUBG Mobile graphics to low; while still keeping the resolution to 720p or HD. Recommended settings would be smooth graphics, Extreme FPS, and Colorful style. Smooth Graphics will reduce the details of buildings, grass, etc. making it easier to spot enemies. The colorful style will especially be helpful in spotting snakes in the grass. We have observed that settings FPS to either high or Extreme will get your kills faster.

Here are my PUBG Graphics settings:

  • Graphics: Smooth
  • FPS: Extreme
  • Anti-aliasing: 2X or 4X
  • Style: Colorful
  • Anti-aliasing: Enable
  • Brightness: 100%
  • Non-Standard Screens: Rounded Corners
  • Auto-adust graphics: Disabled

PUBG mobile graphic settings

PUBG mobile graphic settings 2

However, if low graphics bother you then setting Graphics options to Balanced or HD will be good options. Do it from the GFX tool, because if you set it within the game, then next restart will revert back to normal.

Best PUBG Mobile Control Settings

As for the layout, there are unlimited possibilities. By default, the layout is set to 2 thumbs (two-finger method). But that’s not efficient. Many of the professional players use the claw method. This way, you can use 4 fingers at the same time. One finger for movement, one or directions, one finger on the fire button, and one for ADS or scope. You can also change the transparency and bar the bar for better visibility.

Here is my layout that is the claw method in PUBG mobile:

PUBG mobile control settings

PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity is very important for gameplay; whether you are ADSing, sniping, or using scopes. Now, it is recommended to not set the sensitivity to high. To acquire targets, medium sensitivity is the go-to option. I did change the sensitivity to custom but always come back to Medium sensitivity; because it’s just the best for ADS and all the scopes. You can change the values according to your gameplay.

Here is the best sensitivity:

PUBG mobile sensitivity settings

How to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile using GFX tool?

Increasing FPS to high or Extreme helps a lot. You get quick kills as opposed to the low FPS. So here is how to increase FPS.

  • Close PUBG mobile game
  • Update PUBG to the latest version, if available
  • Download the latest version of GFX Tool  from Play Store
  • Launch the GFX tool
  • Select your PUBG mobile version (global v13.5.0 or later)
  • Set graphics to Smooth
  • Set FPS to 60 FPS or higher if your device supports it
  • Enable GPU Optimization
  • Enable GPU optimization
  • Save Controls
  • Accept
  • Run game

Download PUBG Mobile Lite for low-end Android phones

PUBG Mobile Lite is targetted towards low-end to mid-range Android smartphones with low RAM. If nothing else works, install the PUBG mobile lite for smoothest graphics. The Lite version only weighs about 491 MB in size. It can even be installed on smartphones with less than 2GB of RAM or a lower processor from Snapdragon, Exynos, or even Mediatek.

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