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Call of Duty Mobile is now available via closed beta. You can sign up and start playing the closed beta on you Android devices right now. Though, the mobile version is currently only live in the Asia (specifically in India), you can still play it from anywhere via our tutorial listed a t the end of the post. The latest APK file and data file is available for download there and can be installed on most of the Android phones or tablets and start playing right away from any location like the United States, European countries, UK, Australia, and more. As soon as the Call of Duty: Mobile version was announced, the game immediately picked on. Today is a great day for COD mobile fans because the most anticipated Battle Royale mode is now live along with the Multiplayer mode.

We rarely find closed beta testing coming to Android platform before iOS platform; at least with mobile games. Here is Android exclusive COD mobile beta version for now. According to sources, the closed beta will become public beta in a week and will be live across the globe. Meanwhile, you can start playing the COD mobile’s most exciting Battle Royale mode from any location like the United States, European countries, UK, Australia, and more using a VPN.

COD’s battle royale mode is similar to any other BR mode like PUBG or Fortnite. The basic game is same. You and your squad are taken to an isolated island along with 100 other players like you. The island in equipped with guns, gadgets, armor, and vehicles. The last man standing wins the match. There are 2 modes TPP and FPP. You can set your mode before the match. TPP and FPP are played together for some reason. It could be a bug or something that may change in the future update.

Screenshot 20190520 113251 Call of DutyScreenshot 20190520 113423 Call of Duty

However, Call of Duty’s battle royale mode packs many new features on top of the usual gameplay. For instance, transport system has flying helicopters (choppers), tanks, hummers, and military trucks. The revive game has a twist in COD. You can revive all your dead teammates by collecting their dog tags withing a given time and they are back in the game even after they die.

Screenshot 20190520 113423 Call of Duty 1

Some of the exclusive COD mobile battle royale features you will find are:

  • Ninja mode – You can target your enemies with stealth via Grapple gun.
  • Clown mode – Toy bomb to summon zombies to attack enemies.
  • Scout – Sensor dart can see positions in hostile environment.
  • Mechanic – Call an EMP drone to do continuous EMP interference to hostile.
  • Defender – Place a deformable shield.

Screenshots from COD mobile battle royale:

Screenshot 20190520 113240 Call of Duty Screenshot 20190520 113640 Call of Duty Screenshot 20190520 113546 Call of Duty Screenshot 20190520 113957 Call of Duty

Download and install Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode APK

Visit the following post to download Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale APK. If you have already installed the latest COD mobile v 1.0.1, then you can directly start playing the battle royale mode. You do not need to update the game. The BR mode is now live in the same version. Visit the following

How to Install Call of Duty Mobile on any Android Phone [APK Download]

More screenshots at Pinterest!

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