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Download Punch-Hole Camera Cutout Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Samsung, defying all trends, managed to avoid the ugly looking notch, from previous year, from getting into their Galaxy S-series lineup. Instead, the manufacturer introduced something called an “Infinity-O Display” in which the screen has a selfie camera cutout commonly known as a punch-hole. It is less intrusive than the notch and users can completely ignore it from day to day usage. Soon, users of the Galaxy S10 along with artists started creating wallpapers that complement the camera cutout; called the punch hole wallpapers.

Thanks to Matt B on Twitter, we now have some amazing camera Punch-Hole cutout wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. There are multiple images and if you follow the Twitter handle, you will get more. We have created a collections of all these punch-hole wallpapers for both the devices.

Download this Kim Jong-un ‘Korea is watching’ wallpaper here

Download camera cutout wallpapers

Now, before we go ahead and list the wallpapers, here is something you need to know. The same set of wallpapers can be applied to both Galaxy S10 and S10E as the punch-hole is the same size and shape. The Galaxy S10 has a different set of wallpapers. There are plenty for all the devices.

Some adjustments may be required, but that can be done while you are setting up wallpapers. In order to set these images as wallpapers,

  • First download them to phone storage
  • Launch Gallery app
  • Locate the wallpapers in gallery app
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner
  • Set as wallpaper

Punch-Hole Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10E (Single Cut)

Download R2-D2 Galaxy S10 Wallpaper

Download Mars Rover Galaxy S10 Wallpaper

Download BB-8 Galaxy S10 Wallpaper

Download Simpsons S10 wallpaper

Download Monsters Inc Galaxy S10 wallpaper

Download AMOLED Galaxy S10 wallpaper

Download Galaxy S10 wallpaper (below image)

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Punch-Hole Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Double Cut)

Download Wall-E Galaxy S10+ wallpaper

Download Darth Vader Galaxy S10+ wallpaper

Download WALL-E Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper

Download R.O.B Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper

Download Minion Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper

Download Johnny5 Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper

Download Bender Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper

Download AMOLED Galaxy S10+ wallpaper

Download AMOLED Galaxy S10+ wallpaper

Download Mars Rover Galaxy S10+ Wallpaper

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