download and install Wear OS by Google based on Android P 9.0 Huawei Watch 2

The Huawei Watch 2 is a lucky device to have received the Android 7.1 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, and now it is getting the Android P 9.0 Wear OS upgrade. The new Wear OS update comes in the form of Android P Developer Preview. As we know, Google recently renamed its Android Wear operating system for smartwatches to “Wear OS by Google”. Soon after, the tech giant released the first Developer Preview based on Android P.

The only device to receive the first preview build is the Huawei Watch 2; both the variants named Classic and the Sports. Apart from the latest Android P, the new Wear OS features the latest Android security patch level. Some of the features of the new Wear OS include – Restriction related to non-SDK methods and fields, Dark UI system theme, Limited background activity, Turning off radios when off body, WiFi off when BT is disconnected.

Download Huawei Watch 2 Android P Wear OS OTA update

The only way right now to install the latest Wear OS based on Androis P is to flash the factory images. So download and install the latest Huawei watch 2 Wear OS Android P 9.0 developer preview images and flash it via Bootloader or Fastboot mode.

Type of Huawei Watch 2 image Downloads
Preview image for testing sawfish-PWH1.180318.006.tgz
Non-preview image (for after testing) sawfish-factory-OWDD.180215.018.tgz

The first image is for testing out he Android P developer preview. The second file is the official stable Android 8.0 Oreo factory image. So in case you would want to restore back (downgrade) to Oreo use the second file.

How to install Android P Wear OS by Google onto smartwatches?

This is a manual method to flash factory images. In case the OTA updates are available, install the zip using ADB sideload method or stock recovery. This is a brief tutorial. Check out the detailed instructions from here.


Installing Wear OS by Google Android P

Step 1: Download the Factory Image zip file from above. Transfer it to PC or computer.

Step 2: Make sure ADB and Fastboot are setup on your PC. Trust the connection by checking “Always allow from this computer” when you plug in the Android device to your PC for the first time.

Step 3: Now keep the device plugged in and open a command prompt or terminal on your PC.

Step 4: Navigate to the location where you have placed the factory image file on your PC. Reboot your Android Wear into Fastboot mode or Bootloader mode. To do so, issue the following command via cmd or terminal:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 5:  Enter the following command to unlock the bootloader to flash the factory image. Accept the prompt on the watch.

fastboot oem unlock

Note: If successful, command prompt will say your bootloader is already unlocked. It is now time to flash the factory image.

Step 6: While you are still in the Wear OS factory image folder, if you see the flash-all.bat file, open the file on your windows PC. On MacOS, and Linux, open

Step 7: If no such file is present, then flash each and every file inside the factory image as shown below. Issue the following commands. (Note that you type the exact name with its proper extension.)


fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img


fastboot flash boot boot.img


fastboot flash cache cache.img


fastboot flash recovery recovery.img


fastboot flash system system.img


fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

Step 8: If you want to Lock Bootloader to enable the logo when you see the annoying warning when unlocking bootloader, then typing:


fastboot oem lock

Step 9: Reboot your Android device.


fastboot reboot

Source: Android Developers Blog; Android Developers, (downloads)

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