Oreo for Android Wear 2.0

It seems, not only the smartphones but smart wearables are also in for a treat of Oreo. Yes..! as you read, Android Wear 2.0 is receiving OS upgrade to Android O. This brings the firmware version of the smartwatch to The only setback seems to be the security patch level which is of October 2017. Apart from this, the update also brings notification vibration strength,  support for 7 new languages, notification channels etc.

Oreo for Android Wear 2.0
Android Wear 2.0 Updated to Android oreo With New Features

You can choose from  3 vibration pattern to get your notifications. The Touch Lock is helpful for protection against rough weather conditions

Already devices have started receiving the update. It was first officially announced by Hoi Lam of Google’s Android Wear Developers section. He also mentions that rollout timing will be determined by the manufacturers.

New features with Android Wear 2.0 Oreo

Along with the OS platform update, Oreo for Android Wear 2.0  brings in new features and support.

  • OS Upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Introducing 7 new language support
  • Touch lock to protect against adverse weather
  • Notification channels
  • Battery saving background limits
  • User-defined notification vibration strength

Below is the screenshot of the official announcement of the update with changelog note.

Oreo for Android Wear 2.0
Official Announcement of Availablity of Android O for Smart Wearables

How to download Android Oreo for Android Wear 2.0

As usual, the update will drop onto your smart wear over- the -air(OTA). You will be prompted to download the same.

Oreo for Android Wear 2.0
Oreo Update for Android Wear 2.0 is Rolling As OTA

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So, that’s about it. Keep your eyes peeled and give your smart wearable the much-awaited Oreo bite. Keep scrolling on AndroidSage and follow our social media pages for all latest updates on everything Android.

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