See the leaked photos of OnePlus 5T

It’s barely 5 months since OnePlus 5 came out and rocked the Android smartphone world. It indeed was one of the highlighted releases of 2017. The device also managed to maintain the hype it created. Users really appreciated Oneplus and still do. There was always a question lingering, that will OnePlus 5 have a worthy successor. It is too soon to say so as OnePlus 5 is barely 5 months old in the Android market. Given  OnePlus 5’s success as a smartphone, we can expect a successor as it is customary in OnePlus devices. Well, speaking of which we came across a device what is rumored to be OnePlus 5T. Yes, we managed to catch some leaked photos of OnePlus 5T.

Now, let’s assume for a moment, we expect to welcome the successor OnePlus 5T. But then again, it leads to a lot of other questions. What new features will it gonna have..? Will it be budget friendly..? When it is going to come..? Well, as of now with the limited info we have, let’s see if onePlus 5T is for real.

Leaked Photos of OnePlus 5T

What we saw from the rumored leaked photos of OnePlus 5T the device might sport bezel-less infinity display. Sounds similar..?! Yes, probably it is the derivative design of the Samsung Galaxy S8. You can see it for yourself.

Leaked photos of OnePlus 5T with Infinity Display.

You can notice, the border is quite narrow, the screen is of a rounded design.

Other Features

The upcoming OnePlus 5T presumably uses the tagline, “Larger Screen, Same Footprint“..!!

See the leaked photos of OnePlus 5T

 The features of the upcoming devices are mostly identical to OnePlus 5 except the dual camera could be more optically stabilized. It is expected to sport the same Snapdragon 835 processor.

Release Date

Now everything is pretty much of rumor. Nothing of what we say we confirm as 100% true. It might be true or might be a rumor. Speaking of which, it is rumored that OnePlus 5T will be released later towards the end of 2017 or might surface up in early 2018.


It is quite a simple math to do. The price will definitely be higher than OnePlus 5. Obviously, good configurations come at a price.

Therefore, from the leaked photos of OnePlus 5T as of now, we can only hope and assume there might really be some angle to this rumor. OnePlus 5T might be the next big thing and create the same buzz as its predecessor. Only time will tell whether OnePlus 5T will become a reality in near future.Till then keep guessing. Also stay connected to AndroidSage for all latest news and updates on OnePlus devices.

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