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The Chinese variant of OxygenOS called the Hydrogen OS is beings updated to version 10. The H2OS v10 comes to OnePlus 5 with the latest Android security patch level. The update log only states about the device receiving the latest Android security level. It does not state which exactly. So we could assume the new September 2017 security patch level or the August. Moreover, the device jumped from H2OS v7 directly to the H2OS v10. So it’s even harder to predict.

However, this only mean good news for OnePLus 5 as the global variant may soon receive Oxygen OS 4.5.11+. H2OS v10 comes in support for custom ringtones for notifications. Now you can set different tines for different app notifications. It also optimizes app launch speed. Some bug fixes for the latest Launcher and its user interface. The complete update log has been listed below. It is translated from one of the Chinese languages.

Unfortunately, this does not include Android 8.0.0 Oreo update. It is still based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. As stated by the manufacturer, the flagship will release Oreo update after OnePlus 3 and 3T have been updated. Oreo will be the last Android update OnePlus 3/3T will ever see. So by the end of this year, you may see Oreo for OnePlus 5.

As an alternative, you can install the Lineage OS 15 for OnePlus 5. You may also like Paranoid Android 7.3.0 and Resurrection Remix 5.8.5.

Update log for Hydrogen OS v10:

System changes:

  • – Support for custom notification ringtone
  • – optimize application launch speed
  • – repair some unusual interface display problems
  • – allow the unloading of the system built-in applications
  • – Update Android security patches

Bug fixes:

  • – fix the problem after logging Exchange contacts can not be synchronized. Users experiencing this problem, please contact customer service to help deal with, or go to the forum and follow the instructions
  • – Repair other details

Update specific to Chinese variants:

Shenzhen Lingnan Tong officially supported and bus pass card

After two or more users access to a bus card can be added to the store to download and install “bus card” application, in accordance with the instructions opened to use

Download H2OS v10 for OnePlus 5

Here is the full firmware package for H2OS v10 for OnePlus 5.

Hydrogen OS H2OS v10 | Direct Download link

Oxygen OS 4.5.10

In order to install, all you need is to perform a Local Upgrade. You can use the firmware package to switch from Oxygen OS to H2OS without needing root.

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