OnePlus 5 Hydrogen OS H2OS 3.5 version 6 Released – Download & install OTA update

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Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 For OnePlus 5

One plus 5 was one of the major releases of 2017 with promising features provided at an affordable cost. And the flagship was followed by the regular release of OTA updates.And which proves the fact that One Plus want no compromise in the quality of performance of their device.
Following their motto of Never Settle, OnePlus has released yet another OTA update with firmware build version Hydrogen OS 3.5 version 6 for OnePlus 5. This update promises to fix some important issues and also optimize the device for maximum performance.

Hydrogen OS mainly aims for the China region where Google services won’t work. However, the H2OS firmware is readily flashable onto the global or international variants as well. And of course, the update is based on Nougat OS. The full firmware file for Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 for OnePlus 5 is available for direct download. And it is a stable update and rolls officially from the OnePlus downloads repository.

Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 for OnePlus 5
The Official Release of Hydrogen OS Version 6 by One Plus

Features of Latest Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 for OnePlus 5

  • Shoot 4K video support with electronic anti-shake effect.
  •  Automatic screen brightness optimization.
  • Optimization WiFi connection stability.
  • Update the system input method, mail, browser application.
  • Update the system security patch.
  • Fix some of the game cardon problems.

The Update Log of the Latest Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 for OnePlus 5

Here is the official update log by One Plus stating the changes, repairs, and enhancements on the version 6 of H2OS.

Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 for OnePlus 5
The update log for the latest version 6 of Hydrogen OS for One Plus 5

Download Hydrogen OS 3.5 v6 for OnePlus 5

Click the link below to download the full firmware of the latest H2OS version 6 in zip file format.

Hydrogen OS 3.5 version 6 | Download | Full firmware zip for OnePlus 5

Before you move on to install the update,


  • Take a full backup of your device.
  • Make sure your device has full battery charge.
  • AndroidSage will not be responsible for any damage occurring to your device in the process of update installation.

How To Install Hydrogen OS 3.5 v6 for OnePlus 5 Full Firmware

Well, you can install the firmware by two ways. That is by

i) Custom Recovery

ii) and by the local upgrade

Install The Hydrogen OS 3.5 v6 For OnePlus 5 by Custom Recovery

You can install the Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 for OnePlus 5 Full Firmware by custom recovery if your device is rooted with official TWRP.

And you can get detailed info on the same on our previous post How To Root One plus 5.

And also you can check out our post on H2OS 3.5 firmware tutorial.

Install The Hydrogen OS 3.5 v6 For OnePlus 5 by Local Upgrade

And you will find The Local upgrade option for OnePlus 5 by

Step-1 Go to  Settings > System Updates > click the upper right corner of the “Settings icon” – Step-2 Tap Local Upgrade > Select the entire package you want to update.

Note:- For a full firmware package upgrade method, you need to place the entire package.

Therefore, now you know about the Hydrogen OS 3.5.6 For OnePlus 5 and how to install it. So, grab the update and fix the issues with your One Plus 5.

And you definitely Never Settle with bugs and security issues of your One Plus 5. (You know what I mean :P)

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