Owners of the unlocked variant of the LG G6 in the US region are now receiving an OTA update which increments their device security patch to June and includes other miscellaneous fixes and optimizations for the device.

The update targets the unlocked LG G6 variant with model number US997 and carries the build number US99713a. Weighing around 640 MB, the update is being pushed via OTA and should be received by the users in about a week.

LG G6 June Security Update

Although LG has been cryptic about the changes provided by the update, users should expect the June Security patch to come alongside the OTA. The full update list is provided below:

  • June Security Patch
  • Camera Optimizations- low light shooting
  • Battery Optimization
  • UI cleanup
  • Miscellaneous usability and functionality improvements

This comes at a time when we are already almost two weeks in the month of July and the latest security patch is still nowhere in site. With companies like Nokia and Sony devices having already received the July patch beside the obvious Pixel and Nexus variants, LG needs to up their game and provide faster updates for its flagship

Source: PhoneArena

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