Coolpad-Note-5-Official Update of CoolPad Note 5 To Android 7.0 Nougat Manually

Coolpad is now receiving yet another OTA update with v242 based on official Android 7.0 Nougat. The v242 brings network modem fixed, and the v27 brings Coolpad Alexa assistant and theme app updates. Do download and install the latest Coolpad Nougat OTA updates and full stock firmware updates. There are 3 methods. The first uses the YGPT tool, the second is based on Local upgrade method, and the last is installing the OTA updates. The download section is at the bottom.

Coolpad announced to roll-out Android 7.0 Nougat for the Note 5 smartphone a while back. The Coolpad has shared this news through its official forum page. As per forum, company is working towards releasing the stable OTA update now. The new Android Nougat for Coolpad Note 5 brings features like night mode, improved battery optimization, bundled notification, multi-window options, enhanced security update, and numerous features to enhance the user experience.

You can manually update Coolpad Note 5 to Android Nougat by downloading the OTA file from below. In this we are going to guide you how you can officially update your Coolpad note 5 to Android 7.0 Nougat by just following some simple steps. So let’s start the guide.

Notes before you upgrade:

  • Your phone should have at least 50% of battery.
  • Backup your phone’s data.
  • Please don’t try this on any other device except Coolpad Note 5.
  • Don’t skip any step.

How to install Coolpad Note 5 official Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update?

For this method, use the full stock firmware update zip. The downloads are at the bottom. The following steps will help you update to the latest Android 7.0 Nougat firmware. The YGDP tool is password protected. You will find the

  • Download Coolpad Note 5 Nougat firmware and YGDP tool and then install and open YGDP tool.
  • If it asks for the password then enter – 9527. Alternative password – 369YGDP V4.0.3 151112 01 2017 06 08 09.51.29
  • Click on the configure button.YGDP 2017 06 08 10.01.02
  • Browse and select .CPB file and click on apply button.

Download Configuration 2017 06 08 10.02.02

  • Connect you phone in the fastboot mode by Switching off your phone and pressing volume up key and connecting it to usb cable.
  • Click on start button.

Note: Make sure you don’t interrupt this process because it can brick your device.

  • When the process is complete you will see a procedure successful message.
  • Disconnect your phone and restart it.
  • Congrats! you will then enjoy official Coolpad note 5 Android Nougat.

That’s it friends if you have any problem please comment below and let us know and Stay updated with us for knowledgeable posts like this. Thank you!

How to update Coolpad Note 5 using Local Upgrade method?

For this method, use the full stock firmware update zip. The downloads are at the bottom.

  • Download the OTA package to the local, then renamed,
  • If the compressed package is already, please ignore this step.
    Copy to the phone storage, as shown in the image below:

CoolPad local upgrade guide method Nougat

  • Go to settings>System update. And hit the action overflow button(3 dots on the upper right corner of the window) and then click the Local update option.

CoolPad local upgrade guide method Android 7.0 Nougat

  • Press Continue button to update.
  • The phone will reboot after update completes.

It may take more than 20 minutes or so to upgrade the whole process. Do not press
the power key. Hope you like your Nougat update.

Download Coolpad Note 5 Android 7.0 Nougat Update Files

Use the first YGDP method for following. In this section you will find Coolpad Note 5 official Android 7.0 Nougat full firmware update files along with the YGDP software upgrade tool to install the same.

  • Coolpad Note 5 Nougat Firmware – Download | YGDP method

Download YGDP tools:

Latest update- Use the Local upgrade method for following. While the above would work just fine, there are more OTA updates available for the CoolPad Note 5 specific to 3600I.

Download Coolpad Note 5 3600I Nougat OTA updates

Coolpad Note 5 OTA v240 to v242
Coolpad Note 5 OTA v242 to v247
Coolpad Note 5 OTA v247 to v242

Read: Install OTA updates using the ADB sideload method or the stock recovery method.

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  1. Raghavendra M Bharadwaj Avatar
    Raghavendra M Bharadwaj

    The YGDP Tool is stuck with entering download mode…. any solutions to it ?

    1. Nishit Sehgal Avatar
      Nishit Sehgal

      Same thing happening with me

  2. Chinmay monpara Avatar
    Chinmay monpara

    I was stucked at “Entering download mode…” many times for more than 40 minutes after that I disconnect data cable and power on my ohone.

    Please help for updating Android 7 on Coolpad note 5_3600i

  3. SACHIN JAIN Avatar

    I tried local update method, but having problem with this step as 3 dots are not there.

    Go to settings>System update. And hit the action overflow
    button(3 dots on the upper right corner of the window) and then click
    the Local update option.

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