How to fix OnePlus 3T battery drain issues

The OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T are flagship duo from the very popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer – OnePlus. Lately, the development team deployed the Oxygen OS 4.0.3 OTA update based on the latest Nougat firmware to fix some highly demanding bugs and stability issues. Although, the firmware upgrade undoubtedly fixed some of the issues, but couldn’t fix the battery drain issue just yet. Thus making the users unhappy again. Recently, we have seen a lot of users complaining about the battery drain issue after the latest update and we have also found a simple fix for the same.So let’s begin with the quick and easy tutorial to help you out on the said issue. Also, check out the ultimate guide to save battery life on any Android devices.

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Resolve battery drain issues on OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T

The tutorial below is made to help fix issues on any firmware version of the OnePlus 3/3T be it 7.0 Nougat or the OOS 3.5.3 based Marshmallow upgrade. We have tested it on the OnePlus 3 device and it worked perfectly fine for us. The steps are really simple and safe and won’t affect your data or apps. You don’t need to factory reset or wipe any data. So just give it a try. To begin, please follow the given steps below:

Step 1:

  •  The first and the very basic thing you need to do is- turn ON the developer mode.
  • To do so, go to settings -> click about phone -> click build number 7 times until it says “You are now a developer”

Step 2:

  •  Now, check your settings tab, you will see a new option named as Developer Options – click and enable it.
  • Then enable the Doze-Mode and Advanced reboot only option. Check the screenshots for better understanding.
    How to Enable USB debuggin from developer options Screenshot 20170220 175742 e1487613623252

Step 3:

  • The next important thing you need to do is- turn OFF the aggressive doze and app hibernation option.
  • To do so, go to settings again -> click battery options -> tap the 3 dots from the top right corner, and disable the aggressive Doze and app hibernation option. (It is very important to disable it)

where to find aggressive doze and app hibernationdisable aggressive doze and app hibernation
Step 4:

  • Now clear the cache data. To do so, go to settings -> Storage -> Internal Memory settings -> Cached Data ->Press ok to clear.

clear cache Screenshot 20170220 221811

Step 5:

  • Now clear the manage space data. Do it by selecting the Google Play Services in Settings>Apps. Then go to storage -> manage space -> and clear the data. It is important to note after this procedure please do not press back or the home button.
  • Instead, press and hold the power button -> select reboot – You will get three options viz, Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader.
  • Press Recovery and your phone will automatically boot in recovery mode.

Screenshot 20170220 175651 2 e1487613025463 Screenshot 20170220 222350 e1487613062549

Step 6:

  • When in recovery mode -> select English -> wipe data & cache ->click wipe cache option -> Press ok -> you get two options again viz, Reboot and Done.
  • You just need to press Reboot and your phone will boot up normally.

Now, just wait for some time, minimum 2 mins wait time is recommended. Then you can use your phone normally, we hope you will see the battery drain time improvements soon enough. It is also important to note, people are also experiencing lag issues on the phone especially when sliding the notification bar. To avoid this, we recommend not to use the apps that use accessibility service, it causes huge smoothness bug for the Android Os. To get rid of it, go to settings -> Advanced ->Accessibility -and turn off the apps that come under this category.

Also, check out 5 types of apps you must remove from your device for better performance and battery life. If you find any difficulty solving the drain issue please let us know through the comments section below.

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