Download and Install AT&T Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928AUCU2BPE6 Marshmallow update

Following the deployment of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware update to many of the premium Samsung devices like Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Note 5, etc, the AT&T carrier has now stepped in the releasing the TouchWiz firmware to the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus SM-G928A. This OTA update comes to us officially from the AT&T servers. unfortunately, the full firmware file for the same is not yet available as the TouchWiz OS for AT&T variants is very difficult to obtain. Hence, for those of you who have rooted the device or are still waiting for the update notification, can grab the OTA files from below and start with the ADB sideload method. This won’t void the warranty or trip KNOX. However, make sue you flash the proper file as there is no Odin flashable file available yet.

AT&T Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928AUCU2BPE6 Firmware Details:

  • Android version: 6.0.1
  • Baseband version: G928AUCU2BPE6
  • Kernel Version: 3.10.61-7563702 dpi@SWDD6101 #1 Thur May 19 19:03:55 KST 2016
  • Build Number: MMB29K.G928AUCU2BPE6
  • File size: PB2 > PE6 = 1350MB, PE3 > PE6 = 1370MB

N920AUCU2BPE6 Update Running on Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928A

Download N920AUCU2BPE6 Update for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928A

Download AT&T S6 Edge Plus G928A Marshmallow Firmware

N920AUCU2BPE6 OTA For AT&T S6 Edge+ SM-G928A From ATT Servers

Download More Builds:

Odin Firmware Builds: 

How to Update Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to G928AUCU2BPE6 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Firmware With OTA Updates?

Well, the procedure is simple. The links in the download section above are the OTA updates for the latest G928AUCU2BPE6. However, you need to verify which update your device currently runs. Then flash the valid OTA update using ADB sideload method. If it is the Android 5.1 Lollipop PE3 then download the (5.1.1) S2APE3 -> (6.0.1) 2BPE6 OTA update via ADB sideload. On the other hand, if your S6 Edge+ device comes from Android 5.1 Lollipop PE3, then flash the (5.1.1) U2APB2 -> (6.0.1) 2BPE6 OTA file. The string you need to issue via terminal or command prompt is “adb sideload <filename>.zip”. For instance, adb sideload For a detailed tutorial, head over to the similar tutorial on the AT&T Galaxy Note 5 which was recently published. Otherwise, for even more information on this topic, visit this tutorial: How to install Marshmallow OTA update on AT&T Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices via ADb sideload method?

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Sarang Avatar

3 responses

  1. Eoghan Sexton Avatar
    Eoghan Sexton

    (5.1.1) S2APE3 -> (6.0.1) 2BPE6
    (5.1.1) U2APB2 -> (6.0.1) 2BPE6
    (5.1.1) U2APB2 -> (6.0.1) 2BPE5
    (5.1.1) U2APB2 -> (6.0.1) 2BPE1
    (5.1.1) U2APB2 -> (6.0.1) U2BPD5
    (5.1.1) 2AOJ1 -> (5.1.1) U2APB2

    What on earth are all these different files? On my device information my phone just says that it’s version 5.1.1, which file should i be using?

  2. nicolás mero Avatar
    nicolás mero

    how download 6.0.1 at&t SM-G928A ????

  3. Adnier Avatar

    I am trying to download the firmware for my S6 Edge Plus AT&T but I cant access de server. Any solution?

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