HTC Downloads OTA update Stock Firmware

Download HTC One M8S and M8 Full RUU Stock Firmware Android 6.0 Marshmallow Files

We already brought to you the OTA and stock firmware files for the HTC One M8 device earlier for several variants including the USA carrier variants like Sprint HTC One M8, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T along with the international unlocked version. However, now we have the stock full RUU stock firmware files for the devices HTC One M8S and HTC One M8 global variants for various regions like Europe, Asia-Pacific, and more. The list of RUU files are given below and the installation procedure is also listed.

Download HTC One M8 Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow RUU Firmware Files

Stock RUU EXE and ZIP Files For HTC One M8

TWRP Flashable Nandroid Backups for HTC One M8

Download HTC One M8S Stock RUU Firmware Files Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_H3G_UK_1.07.771.1_Rad [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_427719_s
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_H3G_UK_1.07.771.1_Rad [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_427719_s
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_H3G_UK_1.12.771.6_Rad [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_431742_s
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_H3G_UK_1.12.771.10_Ra [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_450151_
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_HTC_Europe_1.11.401.2 [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_4342
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_HTC_Europe_1.11.401.2 [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_4383
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_HTC_Europe_1.11.401.2 [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_4384
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_HTC_Europe_1.11.401.2 [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_4386
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_HTC_Europe_1.16.401.1 [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_450
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_MFG_0.82.997.201_Radi [email protected]
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_O2_UK_1.07.206.1_Radi [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_427730_si
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_O2_UK_1.07.206.1_Radi [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_428544_co
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_O2_UK_1.11.206.10_Rad [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_449761_c
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_Orange_UK_1.11.61.10_ [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_44994
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_TMO_AT_1.10.112.11_Ra [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_451151_
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_TMO_DE_1.10.111.1_R_R [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_429391
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_TMO_DE_1.13.111.11_Ra [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_451505_
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_TMO_NL_1.10.114.11_Ra [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_451153_
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_TMO_PL_1.10.118.11_Ra [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_451152_
  • 0PKVIMG_M[email protected]50311_15.00
  • 0PKVIMG_M8[email protected]50311_15.00_016_F
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_[email protected]50408_15.00_016_
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_Vodafone_UK_1.05.161. [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_426
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_Vodafone_UK_1.05.161. [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_426
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_Vodafone_UK_1.05.161. [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_427
  • 0PKVIMG_M8_QL_UL_L50_SENSE60_Vodafone_UK_1.11.161. [email protected]_15.00_016_F_release_45

HTC One M8S QL_UL RUU Collection → Download | RUU Firmware

HTC One M8S QL_UL OTA Collection → Download | OTA

How to Find Correct Files For your HTC One M8 and Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow Firmware?

Verify your HTC One M8 code by issuing the following command via cmd or terminal:

C:#HTC ADB Fastboot>fastboot getvar all
< waiting for device >
(bootloader) version-bootloader:
(bootloader) version-main: 4.16.401.8
(bootloader) product: m8_ul
(bootloader) modelid: 0P6B10000
(bootloader) cidnum: HTC__102

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