Gaining root access on AT&T variants of Samsung devices is a bit difficult work. As the bootloader is not very easy to unlock, and the device can’t flash an unsigned kernel, you can’t possibly install a TWRP or root it. The AT&T variant of Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920A couldn’t be rooted as the bootloader can’t be unlocked on the device. However, now, XDA forum members have come up with a temporary root procedure for the AT&T S6.

This isn’t a regular TWRP or SuperSU or CF Auto Root process. This is a workaround to gain root access on your device and the procedure is a bit lengthy and also at its initial stages. So you may also get into bootloops. Moreover, this has been tested on OJ7 firmware on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop only. So make sure you are on this firmware before you proceed. Also, note that, once you flash OJ7, you may not be able to flash back to a previous build.

The process does work. However, it requires you to manually set SELinux to permissive via ADB in order to get your phone to boot. The development is work in progress and soon you should expect a stable and painless root method. If you want to try the root method that many XDA members are testing, then get to this tutorial page and join the discussion. Also, read all the details carefully before you proceed. We will also be listing a tutorial here once the procedure gets a bit more stable. If you get into bootloop, then get to this page for a working solution. Follow and like us for more such interesting posts.

Source: XDA

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