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Download Verizon Marshmallow OTA Update for LG G3 and LG G4

The Verizon carrier has released Marshmallow update for many of its top devices like the LG G3 and LG G4 as well as the HTC One M9 as well. The update brings many new features to these devices and most importantly stability improvements and bug fixes.

Both the LG G3 and LG G4 are getting updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. After the update, the former will get to baseband version VS98546A and the latter to version VS98624C. Verizon listed the new features with short descriptions and some screenshots  on its portal and you can take a look at how LG’s Marshmallow will look like. Some of the new features include Now on Tap, Doze mode, runtime permissions, silent mode, Direct Share, and more. The LG G4 is also receiving the Wi-Fi calling in this update.

Update: This procedure no longer works. It was an experimental one. Take a look at the Full stock firmware for Verizon LG G3 VS98546A.

Download Marshmallow OTA for Verizon LG G3 and G4

Verizon LG G3 VS98546A OTA
Download | File: All OTA files listed

Verizon LG G4 VS98624C OTA
Download | File: dlpkg file [947 MB]

Source: Verizon LG G3Verizon LG G4, XDA-G3, XDA-G4

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  1. That’s my thread you link to, as well as the VS985 46A OTA file I uploaded. LOL.

    Have you tested these instructions, though? They’re essentially the same as instructions I give in the first post of that thread as what used to work, but no one has reported being able to actually manually apply any OTA after 23C on the VS985.

    1. Yeah, I was suspicious about the instructions myself. But I posted them anyways. I will remove the instructions. Thanks for the OTA though. Is there any workaround to apply the updates with success?

      1. You’re welcome! I knew there was interest in trying to get the OTA to apply manually. I had no need to do so but I figured if I made a thread there could be a more organized effort and reporting by those who were interested.

        Not that I know of for sure. I’m told by those who don’t use Verizon SIMs in their VS985 that in the past they were able to use the official Verizon tools to update their phones. I don’t know if that depended on the KDZ being released, but I assume so. As of yesterday, the KDZ still hasn’t appeared to be released – I keep checking through the official tools every day. Once the KDZ is released, it’s all easier, just flash with LG Flash Tool 2014.

        1. Yes, out of all the variants, Verizon’s firmware files are not easily available. But if there is anything I can do, you know where to find me. 🙂

  2. how to vs98546a.up please tell me step step process… and tell me this is official ROM or modified?

    1. I am sorry to say but the KDZ file is not available right now. The OTA listed above was extracted from the MM KDZ firmware. It was meant to be tested but there is no work around for it to apply it manually yet. You can verify it from the Source XDA link. I will notify you once the official firmware is available.

  3. Hi, i have an unrooted LG G3 currently on 35b. I downloaded the OTA file and am trying to get it to install using the Activity Launcher> Software Update, but it fails. Can you let me know how (and which) file(s) should be renamed and to what? I assumed that i can just name it whatever.up and put it in the SoftwareUpdate directory, but that’s not working. Thanks…

      1. Thanks! I actually had went back to 10b then had some trouble getting CM12/13 to work. Ended up on the page you’re referring to and it worked like a charm.

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