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We have already informed you about the Android N Developer Preview and how you can install it on your Nexus Device via over the air update BETA Program and via factory image flash. So for all those who are loving the newest Android N source code on their devices, here is a good news for all of you. Chainfire, the developer who brought root to the Android devices, has surprised us again by developing the root method for the Android N developer preview so early.

The developer has released a new SuperSU build v2.69 for the new Android version. However, as the TWRP isn’t compatible yet with all the Nexus devices on Android N Developer Preview, there is an alternate way to root the firmware. With the CF Auto Root package available for various Nexus devices, the Android N Developer Preview can be rooted easily. For CFAR, you will need to connect your device to PC and run the root-windows.bat file for Windows, root-linux.sh file on Linux and root-mac.sh file for Mac users.

Download SuperSU v2.69 and CF AutoRoot

SuperSU v 2.69 for Android N Dev. Preview

  • SuperSU v2.69 → Download | File: Download RC-SuperSU-v2.69-20160313161431.zip

CF Auto Root for Nexus Devices

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How to Root Android N Developer Preview

Now if with the help of the files listed above, the Nexus devices can be rooted using two methods. Either flash the latest SuperSU package (v2.69+) from above using a TWRP recovery or download the CF Auto Root package for your nexus device and run the root-windows.bat file for Windows, root-linux.sh file on Linux and root-mac.sh file for Mac users. However, before you go ahead and use the CF Auto Root method, setup ADB and Fastboot environment on your device using the quick ADB and Fastboot Installer and enable USB debugging on your device and connect to the PC and let the drivers install by accepting Allow connection. You may also need to boot into Bootloader or Fastboot mode using command “adb reboot-bootloader” if the device doesn’t boot automatically. Follow us and like us on social media.

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