Samsung Galaxy S25 series will feature Exynos and Snapdragon

According to latest reports, Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S25 series will once again feature two sets of processors for separate region. This has been the case for a long time, ever since Samsung introduced their in-house Exynos processors. The Galaxy S25 series will conform to the same strategy as the current Galaxy S24 series devices in terms of SoC.

Recent reports suggest that Samsung will be adopting the similar strategy for processor selection in the next year flagship smartphones, integrating both Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets into its upcoming flagship lineup.

Initially, rumors hinted at an all-Exynos lineup for the Galaxy S25 series. However, a recent report from DigiTimes contradicts this, indicating that Samsung will continue its tradition of using both Qualcomm and Samsung chipsets. This move marks a strategic decision by Samsung, catering to different markets and preferences.

The Snapdragon-Exynos Dilemma

With the inclusion of both Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500 chipsets, consumers may wonder about the division between the two. Historically, Samsung has reserved the Snapdragon variant for specific regions including North America, while offering the Exynos variant for the European Union and UK regions.

  • Galaxy S25 Ultra: Exclusively Snapdragon
  • Galaxy S25 and S25+: Snapdragon or Exynos, depending on region

Moreover, The Galaxy S25 Ultra may be exclusively Snapdragon processor across the globe this time as it did for India. The base variants, Galaxy S25 and S25+ will be Exynos for all, except North America.

In addition to the Galaxy S series, attention is also drawn to Samsung’s foldable lineup. While rumors initially suggested a Snapdragon-only configuration for the Galaxy Z foldable series, recent reports hint at the possibility of an Exynos chip powering the Galaxy Z Flip6. If proven true, this marks a significant milestone, as it would be the first time an Exynos chipset is utilized in a foldable device.

The Exynos Advantage / Disadvantage

Despite previous setbacks, Samsung appears to have faith in its Exynos lineup, evident from its potential use in premium foldable devices. The Exynos 2500 promises further optimizations and power efficiency improvements over its predecessors, potentially enhancing the user experience across the Galaxy S25 series.

However, users have historically been upset with the performance of Exynos processors as compared to their Snapdragon counterparts.


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