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Android Auto Update AI Summaries

Google recently showcased the future of Android Auto at CES 2024 promising to make AA and cars with Google built-in safer, more connected, and productive. The search giant also outlined future plans for Android for cars. Some of these include integrations of real-time battery information with Google Maps, send planned trips from Google Maps from phone to their cars, new apps like Chrome browser, PBS KIDS, Crunchyroll, and The Weather Channel app available for Android Auto.

Google is leveraging AI capabilities to simplify and minimize distractions for drivers while interacting with their smartphones on the road. The announcement aligns seamlessly with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series this week.

However, those who have attempted to respond to messages while driving are well aware of the challenges posed by in-vehicle voice assistants. Dealing with a barrage of group chat messages or grappling with cumbersome digital transcribers can be as distracting as staring at a phone screen.

AI Summaries in Android Auto

In response to this issue, Google’s Android Auto 11.2 stable update brings AI Summaries for messages. Using AI, Android Auto will automatically summarize lengthy texts or busy group chats while driving, ensuring your attention remains on the road rather than on your phone’s unfolding activities. It will not only propose relevant actions and responses but also execute them seamlessly, eliminating the need for you to physically handle your phone.

Consider this scenario: a friend texts you about lunch plans. Android Auto steps in to convey essential details such as the restaurant location and meeting time. It can rapidly share your estimated time of arrival or initiate a call to your friend. Navigating to the shared location becomes effortless with a single tap – straightforward and efficient.

AI summaries Android Auto

You can access AI message summaries from Android Auto app on your phone. Go to settings and find “Play AI message summaries” feature. Note that this is a server side update. Google may enable this feature per account. You may or may not see this featrue.

What’s new with Android Auto 11.2?

Apart from the AI Message Summaries, Android Auto 11.2 features some aesthetic changes alongside some under-the-hood improvements.

The new Android Auto 11.2.640414 update brings new UI for Assistant on Android Auto. The new Assistant UI is minimalistic now and only takes over a sleek bar at the bottom. Prior to this, the Assistant used a big chunk of the screen blocking the map, and also dimmed the screen. Checkout the new UI below.

New UI for Assistant on Android Auto

The update also brings new features like wallpaper for your car dashboard. It also brings a new set of icons that reflects with your phone’s default icon shape.

Android Auto 11 or later now has a new wallpaper feature, hidden under the Settings > Display. You can use phone’s wallpaper in Android Auto. Once enabled, your phone’s wallpaper will be displayed on AA.

New wallpaper option in Android Auto

Similarly, you can use phone’s icon pack or icon shape on your in Android Auto. Some users in the Android Auto community have been seeing a new set of icons and shapes, similar to that set on your phone; particularly in relation to Samsung’s One UI on Galaxy devices.

One user highlights the transformation of Android Auto icons on their Suzuki Swift 2020 with Smartplay Pro, using a Samsung S10e running OneUI 4.1, with new squircle shape. The squircle shape is famously present on the Samsung’s One UI firmware.

Android Auto icons changed according to phone's icon shape

The user also states that the change came with the latest Android Auto build 11.0.134944-release.daily. This is the latest AA update on stable channel.

Others also pointed out that the icons retained the default Samsung squircle shape, deviating from the installed icon pack.

Upcoming Android Auto Features

Google also announced that Android Auto is coming to more cars and also getting some helpful upgrades. Electric Vehicles compatible with Android Auto can share real-time battery information with Google Maps.

This integration will make driving an electric vehicle easier by providing your estimated battery level upon arrival at your destination, suggesting charging stops along the way and even estimating how long charging will take based on your vehicle.

Image shows the outline of a car with a screen overlay on top. The screen shows the new EV routing feature on Android Auto, including a map, an indicator that the car’s battery will be low upon arrival, and a notification that there is charging available nearby.

Cars with Google built-in can now send planned trips from Google Maps on their Android or iOS phones directly to their cars.

Introduction of new apps like Chrome browser for select Polestar and Volvo cars, PBS KIDS, Crunchyroll, and The Weather Channel app will be available for Android Auto as well.

Digital car key availability is expanding, soon rolling out to select Volvo cars and extending to more phone and car brands in the future.

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Real-time Battery Information Integration

For electric vehicle enthusiasts, Google Maps is about to become an even more indispensable tool. Soon to be introduced in the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, Android Auto will seamlessly integrate real-time battery information into navigation.

This integration aims to enhance the driving experience for electric vehicle users by providing estimated battery levels, suggesting charging stops, and estimating charging duration.

Easier Trip Planning with Google Maps

The convenience of planning your trip on Google Maps and effortlessly sending it directly to your car with Google built-in is now a reality. This feature, rolling out for both Android and iOS users, streamlines the transition from planning to navigation.

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New Apps for Android Auto

Cars with Google built-in are set to become entertainment hubs on wheels. The Chrome browser, currently in beta for select Polestar and Volvo cars, is slated for wider availability later this year. And for those moments when you need to keep the kids (or yourself) entertained, PBS KIDS and Crunchyroll are now available in select cars.

The Weather Channel app also joins the lineup, providing drivers with up-to-date weather conditions, hourly forecasts, alerting and “Trip View” radar, all conveniently accessible from the dashboard.

Digital car key

Digital car key technology is also expanding to select Volvo cars. The ability to unlock, lock, and start your car with supported Android phones, as well as securely sharing keys with friends and family on iOS or Android phones, adds an extra layer of convenience and security.

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