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In the fast-paced world of messaging apps, Beeper Mini’s recent journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. It’s been a whirlwind from skyrocketing to the top of the Play Store charts to facing unexpected challenges.

In short, Beeper Mini was shut down by Apple as soon as it posed a threat to the iPhone maker’s iMessaging app. This did not stop teh developers form deploying a workaround. Today’s Beeper Mini update promises to chat with Apple iMessage from Android devices, and it’s free! After a hiccup, Beeper Mini is back.

What is Beepr Mini?

Remember the green bubble blues? Those pesky Android texts that felt like a digital cold shoulder compared to the sleek, blue iMessages of your iPhone friends? Well, Beeper Mini promises to transform those green bubbles into the coveted blue with a simple app.

Beeper Mini was an Android app launched in November 2023 with a singular purpose: bridge the messaging gap between iPhones and Androids. It did this by leveraging a loophole in Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS), allowing Android users to register their phone numbers with iMessage and receive blue bubble messages directly.

For some Android users, especially those in the United States, this means a low. No more feeling like an outsider in iMessage group chats, no more missing out on those fun reactions and effects. Beeper Mini promises seamless communication, regardless of your phone’s operating system.

However, within a week of its launch, Apple patched the APNS loophole, rendering Beeper Mini unusable.

Beeper Mini’s story is not over just yet.

What’s new with Beeper Mini’s latest update?

Beeper Mini, an instant hit upon its launch, encountered a hiccup when users reported difficulties in sending or receiving messages. The Beeper team quickly leaped into action, identifying and fixing the issue within 24 hours for Beeper Cloud users. The update is now live on Google Play, ensuring a seamless messaging experience.

But that’s not all – alongside bug fixes, the team rolled out a set of new features. Chats now open at the last unread message, and the video player received a polished makeover.

Changes in User Registration and Pricing

One notable change involves user registration. Phone number registration is temporarily on hold, requiring all users to sign in with an Apple ID. Messages will now be sent and received via email addresses instead of phone numbers. The Beeper team is actively working on resolving this, emphasizing the commitment to user convenience and security.

In a surprising move, Beeper is now free to use. Acknowledging the recent challenges, the team decided to make the app free temporarily. They assure users that, once stability returns, they will reconsider turning on subscriptions. It’s a gesture of gratitude towards the community that has supported them through thick and thin.

Apple’s Response: Privacy, Security, and Controversy

The plot thickens with Apple’s response. According to a statement received by The Verge, Apple emphasized its commitment to user privacy and security. However, Beeper Mini’s team disputes this, asserting that their app actually enhances security for both Android and iPhone users.

The controversy stems from Apple’s changes, seemingly designed to maintain the iMessage lock-in effect. Beeper Mini aimed to bridge the gap between Android and iPhone users, providing a secure and feature-rich communication experience. The team challenges Apple’s claims, offering to share the app’s entire codebase with a third-party security research firm to validate its security and privacy measures.

Beeper Mini is different from Sunbird (Nothing)

Beeper Mini’s developers emphasize that it does not use Mac relay method.

Note: Beeper Cloud’s new Oct 2023 iMessage bridge never used Mac relay servers and still does not today. It uses a similar method to Beeper Mini, but runs on a cloud server.

Beeper Mini reverse-engineered the iMessage app by Apple and created their version to chat from Android devices; as inferred from the Tweet by popular dev John Wu.

Working Beeper Mini APK Download

Here download the latest Beeper Mini: Chat With iPhones 1.1.38 (nodpi) APK extracted directly from the Play Store.

Starting with Android 11, Google released apps in Split APKs (multiple APKs) format. This means the app is split into several packages including the base and config APK files. This solves the compatibility issue and helps install apps like the Google Camera APK on any Android device featuring different dpi, screen resolution, screen size, architecture, and more.

APK Download

Note: You can install the APK normally. If you have an Android device with a different DIP, get the bundle APKs file and install using the tutorial below.

Download Beeper Mini from Play Store

Beeper Mini: Chat With iPhones
Beeper Mini: Chat With iPhones
Developer: Beeper
Price: Free

How to install Beeper Mini Bundle APKs on your Android device manually?

  • Download the Google Camera APKs file to phone storage.
  • Extract it if it is a zip file.
  • Download and install either SAI (direct download SAI-4.5.apk) or the Apktool M installer. Direct link Apktool_M_v2.4.0.
  • Launch Apktool M and locate the GCAM APKs file.
  • Select the file and click install.
  • Select all the options.
  • Launch the game and enjoy!


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