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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, storing a wealth of personal data. However, data loss can occur for various reasons, including accidental deletion, system crashes, device damage, etc. Stellar Data Recovery for Android emerges as a versatile and robust tool designed to cater to all your data recovery needs on Android devices. In this review, we will delve into this software’s extensive features and capabilities, highlighting its key functions and advantages.

As someone who frequently uses Android devices and knows many others who do as well, I often receive requests for assistance. One common issue is accidentally deleting important files such as photos or videos from storage or the gallery. I would just hope they have enabled the recycle bin feature on the phone’s Gallery or Files app. However, that’s a long shot.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Stellar, which simplified the whole process.

Stellar – A Complete Solution for Android Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery for Android stands out as a versatile, powerful, and user-friendly tool for recovering lost or deleted data from Android devices. With its extensive feature set, compatibility, and ease of use, it provides a one-stop solution for Android data recovery needs.

Whether you’re dealing with accidental deletions, virus infections, or even physical damage to your Android device, this software has you covered. Its ability to recover data without rooting and support for the latest Android versions make it a must-have tool for any Android user.CEFoPKXtswe ZJWD8YPFspcaIDpQ8fjhDNEsRi0B8ZNXDQYr Cfn4ls6 SuiWO1MTit9F88zXm0uG6nkfaCYwO4 7k4tPHcqjDANQmpH6MV 8bqncVC8NnjXNfvF5YRfbt0qSJBvs1wQJab0aR4lg4w

Features of Stellar Data Recovery

Let’s take a deep dive into why we recommend Stellar for data recovery on Android.

First off, it works with all Android devices and supports up to the most recent Android OS update 13. It will scan all types of files including photos, videos, audio, documents, and even help you recover contacts, call logs and messages.

Recover Anything, Anytime from Android Phone

Stellar Data Recovery for Android is a comprehensive tool that retrieves lost or deleted data from Android smartphones and tablets. Whether you’ve lost photos, videos, music, messages, contacts, call history, or various types of documents, this software has you covered.

No Rooting Required

One standout feature of Stellar Data Recovery for Android is its ability to recover data from Android devices without the need for rooting. This not only simplifies the recovery process but also ensures the safety and integrity of your device.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating through the software is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive interface. Even users with limited technical expertise will find themselves at ease while exploring the recovery options.

Deep Scan Technology

The inclusion of deep scan technology enhances the chances of data recovery, delving deep into the device’s memory to retrieve lost or inaccessible files.

Preview Functionality

Before committing to the recovery process, users can preview recoverable files, enabling them to make informed decisions about which data to restore.

Compatibility with All Android Phones

One of the strengths of this software is its broad device compatibility. It works seamlessly with various Android smartphone brands, including Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, and many more, ensuring that users with different devices can benefit from its data recovery capabilities.

Additionally, this software keeps up with the ever-evolving Android ecosystem, supporting Android versions from 6 to the latest Android 13 and beyond.

It supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

How does Data Recovery work?

Data recovery software works by scanning a storage device for lost or deleted files. It does this by looking for patterns in the data that indicate the presence of a file, even if the file’s metadata has been deleted. Once the software has located a file, it can attempt to recover it by rebuilding the file’s structure and contents.

Stellar Data Recovery for Android can recover deleted files even if they have been permanently removed from the Recently Deleted folder. However, it’s essential to stop using your Android phone immediately after data loss to avoid overwriting.

The best case scenario is if the phone’s screen is damaged and inoperable, simply connect your device to your PC, launch Sellar, and see the magic happen.

Recovering Lost Data Using Stellar

In this experiment, we are going to delete all the videos on our backup device (Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD). That would make it easier for us to verify if we have actually recovered the deleted files. This will also ensure whether the recovery tool actually works or not.

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Once that’s done, we will try to recover all the videos using Stellar Data Recovery tool for Android.

Step 1: Download Stellar Data Recovery for Android from here

Step 2: Begin by selecting the type of data you want to recover, such as photos, videos, messages, etc., In this case, we are selecting videos. Click Next to proceed.

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Step 3: Connect your Android device, click the Scan button, and let the software initiate the scanning process.

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Step 4: Once the scanning completes, the software will list all the videos that Stelllar was able to recover.

In this case, Stellar found 126 videos! This is very exciting. That’s way more than the expected 28 videos we deleted.

Let’s check the Deleted Videos section.

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Let’s peek into the existing videos. This section lists all the existing videos on the device right now.

As expected, the existing videos section has zero videos. We have deleted all the videos from the device. So that’s good to know.

Step 5: Save the recovered videos. Click the Save option at the bottom.


Step 6: Select the path to save all of your files. 

Step 7: Let’s checkout the recovery folder!

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Step 8: Let’s play a video.

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The videos play!

You can recover all kinds of files including Photos, Videos, Audio, Messages, Contacts, Call History, and Documents in the Pro version!

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Here is a peek at the photos we managed to recover.

Performance Evaluation

In our testing, STELLAR Data Recovery for Android lived up to its claims. It efficiently recovered a total of 126 video files.

However, not all of the recently deleted videos were recovered. Of the 126 videos recovered, most of them were very old videos (excluding the 28 newly deleted videos). Only a handful of 28 recently deleted videos were recovered.

Moreover, some of the recovered files are the same videos. The filenames are different, suggesting them to be camera shot videos, but the video turn out to be some GIFs.

However, that’s expected from a data recovery app. Not every single video can be recovered. The success rate of all best Android data recovery software may depend on your device and usage.

In our case, the device was used and the storage may have been overwritten. That’s why the recent videos went missing.

Most importantly, the scanning process took more time than recovery. Yes, recovery was quick and so was the saving of files.

Why do we recommend Stellar?

  • Recovers Deleted Photos, Audio, and Videos: Whether you’ve accidentally deleted media files or faced issues like a broken or virus-infected Android phone, Stellar Data Recovery for Android ensures the retrieval of missing or deleted audio, videos, and photos.
  • Recover Deleted Contacts, Call History, and Messages: Accidental deletions or phone restoration can lead to the loss of essential contact information and call logs. This software thoroughly scans your smartphone’s internal memory to recover these vital data elements.
  • Preview Files Before Saving: Stellar Data Recovery for Android offers a user-friendly experience by providing augmented thumbnail previews of recovered files, including images, videos, audio, documents, and messages. This preview feature empowers users to select and save their recovered files at a location of their choice on their system’s local drive.
  • In situations where your Android device falls victim to viruses or malware, simply connect your device to a Windows PC, enable USB debugging, and let the software scan and recover your lost files, giving you peace of mind.


Stellar Data Recovery for Android is available in two different plans:

  • $29.99 for 3 devices
  • $39.99 for 5 devices

The 5-device plan is the best value plan. 

Pros and Cons of Stellar Data Recovery for Android


  • Supports a wide range of data types
  • Supports all Android devices running on Android 6.0 or higher
  • Easy to use
  • Streamlined recovery process
  • Deep scan mode to recover data from even the most severely corrupted devices
  • Preview recovered data before saving
  • Supports multiple save options


  • Free download allows you to scan & preview photos, videos, files, & documents
  • The software can be slow on older computers.
  • Not every file may be recovered


Overall, Stellar Data Recovery for Android is a powerful and easy-to-use data recovery software for Android devices. It is a good choice for users who need to recover data from damaged or accidentally wiped devices.

Overall, we give Stellar Recovery a 4 out of 5-star rating.

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