Doogee’s First Tablet T10 Will Refresh You With Ultimate Entertainment

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Doogee Tablet T10

The world-leading rugged phone brand, Doogee, has decided to take a step in a new direction. On November 1st, it globally launched the Doogee T10 – the company’s first tablet, laying the necessary foundation for its entrance to the tablet industry. 

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With a 7.5mm ultra-thin and sleek look, Doogee T10 makes its perfect debut. The confidence partly comes from the aviation-grade aluminum alloy material used which gives it a lightweight body, and partly comes from the big 10.1-inch FHD+ Fullview display. The large and clear display offers more than visual enjoyment. Certified by TÜV Rheinland, it offers a strong cover to protect your eyes, freeing you from eye fatigue even if you look at the screen from dawn to dusk. Equipped with eye comfort mode, dark mode, and sleep mode, Doogee T10 accompanies you at any time without any disturbance to your eyes. To users’ bigger surprise, Doogee T10’s Google Widevine L1 backs up 1080P high-definition streaming or playing on mainstream websites like Netflix, Hulu,etc., offering immersive cinematic visual experience. Combined with technology and aesthetics, Doogee T10 is engineered in three gorgeous colors: Space gray, Neptune blue and Moonlight silver.

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The investment in Doogee T10’s smart outlook does not slash its performance and efficiency. Unisoc T606 Octa-core processor gives the slap an expanded 7GB RAM based on the original fast 8GB. The 128GB storage with up to 1TB expandable meets your demands for large volumes of files, music, videos, and photos. The 8300mAh mega battery coming with 18W fast charging promises solid longevity and easier recharge. In addition, Doogee T10 supporting 2-In-1 mode and split-screen mode is indeed friendly to office workers who pursue both efficiency at work and relaxation in their spare time. Being a pad as it is, T10 is your perfect entertainment electronic product; connected to a keyboard and stylus, T10 becomes your productive office PC. If you are tired of switching from one app to another, T10 is your lifesaver, allowing a dual-task on one screen with its split-screen function.

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Other features of this tablet include a 13MP wide rear camera, a dual stereo speaker, a versatile USB-C interface, 2.4G & 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, and Android 12 OS…

Doogee T10 has been officially released on November 1st at Doogee AliExpress Store and DoogeeMall (official shopping platform), with an amazing world premiere price of only $119. If you’re thinking of getting one, this would be great timing. Grab it before the price goes up.

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