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Nova Launcher was just recently acquired by Branch – an Analytics company. The firm is also popular for its Branch Link service which is responsible for opening links into an app when a user clicks on a link in an email or on social media using a smartphone. They also have a product called Sesame Search, which is a shortcut and contacts search engine for Android. The latest Nova Launcher 8.0.2 features Branch Search for Shortcuts and Contacts. Download the latest Nova Launcher 8.0.2 APK here.

The new update is mostly a Branch integration update into the Nova Launcher beta APK. Branch search is powered by a library used by Nova. The firm also clarifies that this library is completely offline and makes no network connections; assuring no data is stored. The update also has some minor bug fixes.

The previous Nova Launcher 8.0 beta update integrated Material You Design. It also brings the new wallpaper-based theme engine to all Android devices.

With Android 12, Google introduced new Material You design which is an upgraded Material 2.0 design with dynamic touch ripple, a silky-smooth scroll, and a spacious layout. The best part is the new wallpaper-based theme engine – where various elements of the Android system are applied Accent colors based on the phone’s wallpaper.

This is called dynamic color. You can pick your favorite wallpaper and the entire phone experience transforms to better express you, from your home screen to some of your favorite apps. This feature is now embedded into Nova Launcher 8. See the following image for reference.

A Gmail rainbow with different wallpaper-based themes, shown on some of the Android device experiences that will support Material You
Gmail with different wallpaper-based themes as shown on some of the Android devices with Material You design.

Nova Launcher beta with version 8.0 features Material You design, Dynamic color themes, All-new Settings design, and Night & light colors.

The official Nova Launcher Twitter account posted the following:

Nova Launcher 8.0.2 Features & Patch Notes

According to the official changelog, Nova Launcher 8 brings the following:

8.0.2 BETA Jul 21, 2022

  • Branch Search for Shortcuts and Contacts
    • Branch search is powered by a library used by Nova. Its internal identifier
  • is ‘’, (Nova Launcher is ‘com.teslacoilsw.launcher’)
    • This library is completely offline and makes no network connections.
    • This is NOT the same as Branch’s other product, the deep link library called ‘’
  • Fix unable to resize widgets vertically
  • Fix magneta text in Edit dialog
  • Fix app drawer not loading

8.0.1 BETA Jul 17, 2022

  • Fixes FCs on Android 8 and 9
  • Fix widgets on Samsung
  • Fix disabling dock
  • Fix various crashes
  • Fix max grid size in settings UI
  • Fix left/right gestures on single home screen
  • Fix left/right gesture settings appearing twice
  • Fix backing out of gesture action selection screen causing selection of None

8.0 BETA Jul 15, 2022

  • Material You – Custom color schemes based on wallpaper colors
  • Redesigned Nova Settings
  • New swipe left/right desktop gestures
  • Align Bottom immersive folders
  • Rebased on Launcher3 Android 12L
  • Android 13 fixes

Nova Launcher also brings revamped settings, new swipe left/right desktop gestures, and bottom immersive folders. Most importantly, Nova Launcher 8.0 is rebased on Launcher3 from Android 12.1/12L. This means, it will adopt any screen size or layout including tablets, emulators, and PCs.

Nova Launcher 8.0.2 APK Download

Note that Nova Launcher v8.0.1 is beta. So you can either download it by registering on the Play Store beta program. (link below)

OR directly download it from the Tesla Coil servers.

For betas installed outside of the Play Store, you can update from Nova Settings > Nova Launcher Version > Beta. You can also enable automatic update checks in this menu.

APK Download

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