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Nothing Launcher APK Download

Last month, Carl Pei announced their first Nothing Phone 1. If you don’t already know, Nothing is a brand new technology company founded by Carl Pei, after he left OnePlus for good. The first product by Nothing is the Ear 1. It is a uniquely designed truly wireless earbuds enclosed in a semi-transparent case. The next in line is the Nothing OS, Phone 1, and the brand new Launcher, which is now available for download.

In the Nothing event 2022, Carl Peiintroduced their first Nothing Phone 1. While the event didn’t reveal much, except for the silhouette image of the phone, the founder did showcase their custom Nothing OS for the phone. He also added that a Nothing Launcher is coming in April 2022.

Check out the complete Nothing Event, if you missed it. Skip to 21:30 for the phone and launcher.

YouTube video

Nothing Launcher

Today is the launch day for the first Nothing Launcher beta app! Most importantly, Carl Pei said that the launcher will showcase the upcoming Nothing OS. So download now!

According to the Play Store listing,

Nothing Launcher (Beta) is a beta preview of Nothing OS. Experience Android combined with our iconic design language. Unique features include Max Icons and Max Folders, as well as bespoke Weather and Clock widgets.

It also says that the launcher is only available for Samsung S21 and S22 series, Google Pixel 5, and Pixel 6 series. OnePlus support coming soon. You can easily bypass that by downloading the latest Nothing Launcher APK directly from below.

Checkout the Nothing Launcher screenshots:

The launcher looks clean – similar to the stock Pixel launcher. You will find some tweaks to the icons, folders, and new clock and weather widgets. That’s it for now.

Nothing Launcher APK Download

While It also says that the launcher is only available for Samsung S21 and S22 series, Google Pixel 5, and Pixel 6 series. You can download the latest Nothing Launcher APK below and install it on any phone.

Nothing Launcher Play Store Link

APK Download

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    It’s so aesthetically unpleasing that words can’t describe it.

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    you wrote carl “Pie” lol

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    I installed it in redmi note 9 and it worked without any hassles.

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